Friday, March 27, 2015

Spoiler alert ....

Tomorrow is the grand opening of "The Book Bar".  It is a new feature on Storywraps.  Authors, Illustrators, Musicians and anyone, anywhere, anyhow connected to books will be featured here.  

 Tomorrow I feature Perrin Brair and his book, "Keeping Mom".  I will tell you about his book and his interview with me.  Please come ready to relax, sip some beverage of your choice, and hang out with like-minded "bookies".  (the legal kind) :-)

I will be bartending, "The Book Bar" will be open once a month, (the last Saturday of the month) and adult content will be highlighted.  It will be fun to pass on good adult books for you to read and enjoy.  I am building a virtual bar here and you are invited to join me.

I will post as usual in the mornings so it can be a breakfast bar, a brunch bar, a dinner bar, an evening bar...depending where in the world you live and your time zone.  See you here tomorrow as the doors open for the first time.  I am excited to launch this and see how it goes and grows.....

Raising the Bar on reading!
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