Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Bunk-Bed Bus : a bookwrap

My Granny
My granny’s pretty groovy
If you saw her you’d agree
That she’s a grooving granny
Who is such a sight to see.

She is always energetic
Running here and dashing there
Till we all start to wonder
If she ever stops for air.

But there’s something I must tell you.
It’s a secret I can’t keep.
My granny does not stop moving,
Even when she is asleep!

Sally Murphy, 2014


Unwrapping inside...

Janet and Sam have one energetic granny.  No one can keep up with her.  She loves life and she engages in it.  She jogs, builds shelves, fixes cars and now her new passion is to create an iron sculpture to enter in the art exhibition.  Her uppity next door neighbour accuses her of not being artistic because she is too old and well.... all fired up, granny set out to prove her wrong.  How dare that old busy-body say that to her?  Who does she think she is? How rude.  Granny, right then, sets her mind and her heart to be the winner.  

She works diligently to produce the winning entry but alas her sculpture is too big to fit through the doors of the exhibition hall.  Granny feels down and defeated because how can she win if she can't get her creation inside to the judges?  

But not to worry.  Her delightful grandchildren take up her cause and with the help of their loyalty and spunk they alert the judges to their granny's masterpiece parked just outside the hall.  When the judges feast their eyes on her submission and see the local children's interest in it, they deem it fit for first prize.  Hurray for granny!

The illustrations are detailed, colourful and drive the text beautifully.  I highly recommend this book.

Bellshill, The United Kingdom 


About this author

A childhood passion for books, radio and cinema set Frank Rodgers on the road to being a writer and artist. Today, he is the author/illustrator of almost fifty books for children, covering a wide age range from picture books through books for older readers to a novel for teenagers.

As a child, Frank Rodgers was impressed by Frank Hampson's drawings for the original Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future strips and Mervyn Peake's illustrations for Treasure Island. At school, he was generally in the market to swap things for American comics. Inspired by radio shows like The Goons and Journey Into Space, he wrote plays and pressganged family and friends into the cast. Already, he was thinking up - and drawing - all kinds of characters.

He studied Silversmithing and Jewellery at Glasgow School of Art and became an Art Teacher, in his spare time writing pop songs and two stage musicals. His first foray into publishing was as an illustrator of other writers’ work, most notably Humphrey Carpenter’s Mr Majeika books. In 1987, he left teaching to become a full-time writer and illustrator.

Many of Frank’s books have been published in Europe and the US. Described by Scottish Book Trust as 'one of Scotland’s best-loved author/illustrators', he has been a tutor on the Arvon Foundation’s Writing for Children course. Frank enjoys putting on his Ray-bans and either pounding out rock ‘n’ roll on his piano or playing blues guitar.

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