Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?" - a bookwrap

Today's book is not as drastic as being sat upon by an oversized pachyderm...look at that poor guy's face...ouch! But strange things happen and sit down this elephant did.

Unwrapping ...

"Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?"

Written by Hee-jung Chang
Illustrated by Sung-hwa Chung

Math concepts:  figures, shapes, space
Ages:  3-6

Let's peek inside shall we?

The illustrations are colourful, playful and whimsical.  Love the Elephant's trunk with that accordion stretch to it.  Frog, with her designer blue attire, adds to the fun.  There is lots of detail and expression created in a collage-style which greatly enhances the tale.

Frog one day is off to her friend's house wearing her most favourite, fancy, red hat when the unthinkable happens.  A gust of wind whisks her hat away and "PLOP!" a big elephant, who just happens to be passing by, plunks right down and sits on top of it.  Poor Frog is horrified and goes up to the elephant and politely asks,
"Elephant could you please lift up your bottom?"  Elephant responds, "I can't because I'm too hungry to move."  Thus math concepts enter the narrative.

The sly Elephant demands food in different shapes and sizes and then, and only then, will he move his huge carcass off of her hat so she can retrieve it.  Frog brings him his food demands knowing that it is the only way she can rescue her hat.  The foods he petitions are to come in the shape of round, triangular, and rectangular.  

Each time Frog succumbs to Elephant's requests, but to no avail...he still is determined not budge one inch and retract his huge bottom off of her hat to set it free.

Frog must come up with a clever plan to make that happen.  CAN she do it?  HOW can she do it?  No spoilers here from me you have to check it out for yourself.  

The story is designed specifically to focus on shape recognition for young readers.  The final pages of the book feature activities for further exploration of those mentioned shapes that can be found out in the real world.  This book would be a wonderful addition to an elementary school library, individual classroom or a homeschooling scenario.  Math made fun has got to be a winner.

Hee-jung Chang is a children’s book author. Sung-wha Chung is an illustrator whose previous book is Don’t Tell Anyone. Her work has been honored by the Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations and the Korean Andersen Drawing Contest.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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