Monday, April 20, 2015

Mommy Loves Baby - a bookwrap

Nothing is so precious as a mother's love.

Unwrapping today's book...

This beautifully illustrated book oozes love from cover to cover.  Each page depicts adorable animal babies being cuddled, played with and loved by their doting parent.  Love and security is conveyed to your sweet infant by spoken words or with a relaxing lullaby. 

The book is designed to give parents and their precious children a heart-warming educational bonding time with each other.  The expressions of love captured by the illustrator tugs at your heart strings as you turn page after page and visually see that adoration in action.  

This book offers a peek at zoo animal families and melodious, tender lullabies that can be spoken or sung to calm, assure, and flow over your little baby as you settle him in for his nap time or his bedtime.  The book is in sturdy board book form, perfect for little hands to manoeuvre, and is sure to be a hit as he asks it to be read to him again and again.  

The goal of the book is to offer children's books that not only develop a bond between the parent and child, but that inspire a child's imagination, and educate children in a way that makes reading not only fun but informative.  I highly recommend this book. 

Unwrapping the author:

Troy Muilenburg was born and raised in Iowa amongst corn stalks and the field of dreams where his passion was participating in all sports, but especially basketball.   His avenue to see the world was playing professional basketball. He played in the CBA and overseas in Australia for 3 years and holds the honor of 3 time all-star and the National Player of the year in his final season.
He understood the love of the game was more than playing but also in teaching/coaching which gave him so much. This led to a Head Men’s Basketball coaching position at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, Iowa, in 1999. He came to understand that he is more than just a loud and sometimes obnoxious basketball coach, but that he also had a creative side as well! This was always present in the daily activities with his two wonderful kids, Tate and Tia, and also in the evening hours when it was time to put the kids to bed, by reading a book or making up stories as they fell asleep. Later he would realize that these activities would lead to the development of his publishing company, Curtis Christine Press.
As a child he played every sport, but would make time to ride his Rampar R-11 bike all around town just to find a basketball game. Some days he would ride up to 10 miles away, shhh don’t tell his mom! With a little luck and determination he earned a basketball scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa. When not playing basketball he had to study, because after all he was there to earn a degree! A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and later a Masters degree in Exercise Science with a Sports Psychology emphasis is what he can put on his resume. Upon Graduation, his professional basketball career began. Upon his return to the states, he spent a year at UNI as an assistant coach, before being named the Head Men’s Basketball coach at Ellsworth Community College.
Over the years, he and his family have had a lot of laughs and good times. It began at an early age with frequent trips to parks and Zoos that typically ended with them reading books and/or making up stories at bedtime. Everyone was involved in either picking their favorite book or making up one of the many stories that were being told each night. The thought that these books can assist other families and bring them closer together as a family is the reason he is sharing his stories. With this in mind, you may begin to understand the writing efforts of Troy Muilenburg.

Andrea Dickkut grew up in America’s Heartland. A farm in Iowa is where she began exploring the beauty, challenges, and the mystery of the world. She learned to appreciate nature and its bounty, as well as the satisfaction of making a living with one’s bare hands.  Currently, she works with both fine art and custom painting and resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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