Monday, April 13, 2015

How Andrew Got His Spots - a bookwrap

This month being National Poetry
Month I have another great rhyming book to share with you. The poem to your right is from my favourite children's poet, Shel Silverstein. Enjoy!


Authored by Louise Lintvelt
Illustrated by Julie Sneeden
Ages 3-8

Unwrapping the illustrations for you to peek at...

This charming fable is about a young giraffe who is very different from all the other giraffe's in his herd.  The others sport beautiful patterns and spots and look very "giraffie", but this little guy is spotless...not one pattern on his whole body...just creamy white and smooth all over.  He doesn't like to be plain, he wants to be like all the others, and this makes him very unhappy indeed.  

One day while going for a walk he encounters some animals in the forest who have spots: the ladybug (who got her spots from a fairy's kisses), the leopard (he received his in a shower of rain), the owl (who attained her spots when a strong wind blew, and in they flew). He listens to their stories longing for his very own spots to appear.  All the animals seeing his anxiety and despair encourage him by saying, 

"Poor Andrew, don't be blue! One day you will get your spots, too."

But will he? Will Andrew's wish come true?  Will he indeed receive his spots as the other animals did?  If they appear, how will that transpire?  

Louise Lintvelt's animal story is beautifully written in rhyme and perfect for sharing with a child or as a first-reader.  Julie Sneeden's illustrations are fabulous.  Her watercolours are filled with detail, expression, and very lifelike.  This is a heartwarming story that when you read it will have you smiling right along with Andrew as he discovers yes,  dreams and wishes really do come true.  I highly recommend this book.

Louise Lintvelt is a working mom, who enjoys writing inspiring children’s books when she has a moment to spare.
Louise has published nine picture books in the last year as well as two chapter books in the middle grade series titled, The Secret Ramblings of Harriet Hughes.
Louise’s picture books are beautifully illustrated and most often written in verse. She makes use of bright, colourful illustrations and rhyming words to capture the imagination of beginner readers.
This website is not only a showcase of her work but also shares a variety of activities that can be used with each of her books. This is a wonderful teaching resource for busy moms and teachers. The site also includes songs and narration for selected picture books which can be downloaded for free.
If you would like to receive author updates from Louise, please sign up for her author mailing list.

Julie Sneeden was born in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. She studied for 4 years at Technikon Natal in Fine Arts, where she was able to experiment with the medium of Photography and Painting. She has worked as a Giftwrap Designer, Graphic Artist and WebArtist.
Julie likes to use a range of mediums and techniques in her Art. She works in Oil Paint, Watercolours, Photography, Pastels and Charcoal. Her subjects range from Landscapes to CityScapes, Figures to Floral and Still-Life. Julie is also a part time writer and Illustrator.
She currents lives in the Province of Gauteng in South Africa with her husband, and four children. She has Artworks currently all over the world.

Read on and read always!

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