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The Night of the Magical Flight - a bookwrap

Magic Carpet Ride

Come with me and take my hand, upon this carpet ride
Ascending to the skies above and on the breezes glide

Peace is what we need to find, no cities filled with noise
Laughter is the sound we’ll hear of happy girls and boys

Through candy cotton clouds we fly until we spy the land
To listen to the ocean while toes wriggle in the sand

To touch down in a meadow green, upon a mountain slope
And run bare foot through grasses tall, fills the heart with hope

To float upon a river wide, fast flowing to the sea
Birds flying high above us, so beautiful and free

This carpet’s not a magic one, it’s there for all to use
It’s called your imagination, once tried, it cures the blues.


Author and illustrator:  Melinda Kinsman

Ages:  3-7

Unwrapping the illustrations...


This rhyming book is sure to spark your child's imagination as a little boy grabs the hand of a travelling wizard on a magic carpet, is pulled aboard and is off for the most exciting adventure of his lifetime.  They join hundreds of other speedy carpets that are burdened down with sacks, boxes, scrolls, and packs.  They are off to market to sell their wears.  The words carry you along as you swoop, swish, swirl, twirl, loop and join in the celebration of authentic wizardry antics.  

Then suddenly one sack tumbles and explodes, dispersing spell books, wands and toads!  Oh my!  The brigade of carpets fly over a huge sea monster eager to have them all over for tea...and they would be perfect as the main course.  

The rug race accelerates and then the unthinkable happens!! Midair disaster alert!  To the little boy's horror the three wizards on the carpet head of them, crash, are thrown overboard, and then submerged into the billowing sea below. They cannot swim.  Will the little boy just sit by and do nothing or will he try to rescue those  in distress down below? Was there a reason for that little boy to be there at that particular time to use his skills to become a super hero and save those drowning wizards?  

This enchanting book is full of bright, vibrant illustrations and they pull you right into the storyline.  Every child would love to climb onto a magic carpet and have an adventure of their very own.  

The author has designed the book to be interactive.  Embedded in each illustration is a magic lamp for your child to find. She has included a maze of clouds for a wayward wizard to find his way through, two pictures, that although they look similar at first glance, upon a closer scrutiny you find that they are different indeed. You can follow the tangled wand spells to see which wizard can catch the sea monster.  (Thank goodness the answers of the puzzles are included).  

I highly recommend this book and you will want to check out Melinda's other books too.  

Melinda Kinsman lives on a small peninsular called The Wirral, in North West England. She loves climbing mountains and rock-climbing (both abroad, and in her local mountains of Snowdonia), and she has always had a soft-spot for cuddly toys!

As Melinda has to lie down a lot each day, due to health issues, she spends most of that time using her iPad to write and illustrate her books. (Drawing can be especially challenging, as she needs to keep the iPad steady by balancing it with one leg up in the air - much to the amusement of her family!)

Melinda originally wrote a book of poems for her 6 year old niece a few years ago, but never dreamt of trying to publish them, or of trying to illustrate them herself. The advent of ebooks and handheld tablets now makes self-publishing an exciting possibility for her!

The Top of the Wardrobe Gang series of books are credited to both Melinda and a motley crew of cuddly toy characters. This bunch of cuddly toys live on the Top of the Wardrobe - they like to call this the "penthouse suite"! They enjoy reading, and want to try writing their own books. Most of the cartoon gang characters are based on "real" members of Melinda's cuddly toy family, though some have had to have their names and appearances changed to allow their inclusion!

You can find out more about Melinda, the gang, and their books from their website at

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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