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Mother's Day is nearly here....

Mother's Day is tomorrow and I want to give these beautiful roses to every mom out there for doing an outstanding job at Motherhood.  From Storywraps heart to you.  Have an amazing day!

"Momisms" that will make your smile...

Here are 10 books about moms that you might want to check out and enjoy with your little ones.


1.) Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse. 

This beautifully illustrated book showcasing the Inuit people and their culture answers the question that most children will one day ask, “Do you love me?”  Children often wonder if their parents love is truly unconditional and if they can one day do or say something that will make them lose their love.  In this book, one little girl questions her mother in this vein, asking over and over if her mother will love her even if she isn’t perfect. 

2.)Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury.

I didn’t even know that Karen Kingsbury WROTE children’s books!  I was so delighted to see this one on our library’s shelves and I fell in love with it within the first few pages.  Written in beautiful prose this is a wonderfully written rhyme about a mother’s emotions.  This book will likely make you cry.  We cherish and document all of our children’s FIRSTS, but what about their LASTS?  What about the last time they ask you to tuck them in?  The last time they need you to time they color you a picture or excitedly bring you crumpled flowers that they found just for Mommy?  A wonderful reminder to cherish all of our children’s childhood and not simply the firsts because one day, we will look back wistfully at all the memories and wonder how time flew by so rapidly.

3.) Mom Pie by Lynne Jonell.

This book is a good reminder for moms to pay attention to their children even when they had a to do list a mile long or they are knee deep in chores.  Two little boys just want their mom, but when she is hurriedly busy with other tasks, they decide to make a Mom Pie, containing just pieces of their mother to comfort them until she is finished.  But is Mom Pie the same as having Mom?

4.) My Mommy Hung the Moon by Jamie Lee Curtis.

This story is a cute reminder told in rhyme of how much our children look up to us as their mothers.  Mommies hang the moon, bake BIG MOMMA BATCHES of cookies, feather the birds and more.  In their little minds, we ARE their world.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it always stayed that way?

5.) My Mom by Anthony Browne.

A sweet book that shares the view of a mother from her child’s perspective.  Using quaint illustrations, we follow the mom through her daily routine as is interpreted by her child. Did you know that because Mom can carry many groceries at once, she is the strongest woman in the world?!  “She’s really nice, my mom” is reiterated over and over and is expanded on in a child’s prose, sharing finally that the most important thing of all is that Mom loves is forever and always. 

6.) Mama Mine, Mama Mine by Rita Gray

Where does Mama go when she leaves and will she come back? Young children sometimes need reassurance that their mothers will always return to them and that is just what this book provides.  No matter where Mama must go or what she must do, she will always, always return to her precious baby.

7.) My Mama Had a Dancing Heart by Libba Moore Gray

This book is a treasure!  Using beautiful watercolors and sketchings this book follows a young ballerina’s memories of her dear Mama who had a dancing heart that she shares.  Thinking back fondly of her “tip-tapping, song-singing, finger-snapping kind of days,” she remembers with great love and admiration the quality time spent with her best friend—her mom.  

8.) M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual) by Doreen Cronin

Alright, I have to admit that bits of this book make my Mommy eyebrow raise, Doreen Cronin does a fabulous job at giving “instructions” on how to properly care for a mother to prevent burnout.  This is a very tongue-in-cheek “guide” for children, but will actually tickle the adults’ funny bones more!  

9.)  Mars Needs Moms! by Berkeley Breathed.

Little Milo just doesn’t see what in the world is so special about mothers.  After all, they just make you eat your veggies, do your chores, and don’t let you experiment on your siblings.  What makes them so great?  But will his viewpoint change when Martians come and kidnap his very own mother? Using a very imaginative story that will peak any child’s interest, this vividly illustrated book helps children understand that they can sometimes forget the things that make moms wonderful.  

10.) A Present for Mom by Vivian French.

When the day before Mother’s Day arrives and poor little Stanley cannot manage to find a good present for his mom, what will he do?  He scurries about attempting different ideas, only to have each and every one of them fail.  When inspiration hits, what gift will he finally hand over to his beloved Mama?  A very simple and loving story about the things that matter most.  
What are some of your favorite mom themed books?  Do you have big plans for Mother’s Day?
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Have a perfect Mother's Day all you Mother's out there, tomorrow's your day.  Enjoy!

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