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Tea with the Queen - a bookwrap

With all the excitement going on in England these days awaiting the birth of a new member of royalty I thought this book would be a perfect one for such a time as this.  


Authored by Chrissi Hart and illustrated by Stephen Macquignon.  

Perfect for ages 3-8.

Unwrapping the fabulous illustrations...

The illustrations are amazing.  They are very detailed and full of expression and activity.  The colours are vibrant and visually move the storyline along beautifully. Who doesn't love a family of adorable mice! 

Charlie, a little boy mouse, has been invited by his grandparents to attend a very special tea where the Queen will be the hostess.  His grandmother is turning 100 years old (in mouse years) and every centenarian mouse is honoured by having a birthday tea with the Queen.  How smashing!! Grandmother's invitation includes two guests, so Grandpa and lucky Charlie are chosen to accompany her to her party. 

They travel by Royal Air Express...a.k.a...Percy, a large gray and white goose.  They climb aboard his back, hold on tightly, and officially are off.  Destination? Buckingham Palace!  

Along the way they get a birds-eye view of their surroundings: thatched roofs, stone cottages, the English Channel, farms, villages, the city of London, Big Ben and the Parliament Houses, just to name a few.   They experience turbulence and survive a flock of seagulls who look menacing and may be looking for a mouse snack.  Scary indeed!  Finally they have touchdown on the Buckingham Palace's pond. With a tumble into the rose garden and an encounter with the Queen's corgis they arrive safely and on time for Grandmother's soiree.  Will the Queen be in attendance and will Grandmother experience the adventure of her lifetime?  Be sure to check out the book and find out.  I highly recommend it.

Unwrapping the author...

in Famagusta, Cyprus 



About this author

I am an author, child psychologist and children's radio host for Ancient Faith Radio's Under the Grapevine podcast: Inspirational Stories for Children of All Ages. I love to write for children about what I wonder about and what inspires me!

-source Goodreads

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