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Things I Wish I'd Known- Cancer and Kids: a bookwrap

Some books you never want to review, yet these books may be the very ones someone is longing to discover because they are in so much pain, with no answers.  Today's book I am unwrapping has vital information they may need just to get through today.  If someone you love - a spouse, an extended family member, or even your very own precious child, has been diagnosed with cancer where do you go to ask questions or even know what questions to ask?  Today's book may be just what you need for such a time as this.  By reading through it you may be granted those answers you are seeking thus easing the pain, and hopelessness you are now feeling.



This book "Things I Wish I'd Known - Cancer And Kids" by Deborah J. Cornwall is small in stature but big in information.  The book gives you guidance from experts and testimonies from real live people who have survived the trauma and heartbreak of helping a child deal with cancer.  This book includes chapters on: straight up addressing the fact that cancer is present, how the child (and family) moves forward coping with that knowledge on a daily basis, and the impact emotionally it will have on everyone involved.  

The author gives advice about how to deal with issues when the child is the patient and how to minister to a child when his/her parent or sibling succumbs to this dreaded disease. She also bravely confronts the prospect of death and dying and the process of grief that will surely follow.  

The book is written from a standpoint of education and of love.  It is reader-friendly and includes resources for future reference. It is an excellence resource in itself and I know parents, pediatric professionals, family counsellors and social workers will find it very helpful to them.  I highly recommend, "Things I Wish I'd Known - Cancer And Kids." 

Deborah J. Cornwall is a breast cancer survivor and advocate on behalf of cancer patients and their caregivers. She has been associated with the American Cancer Society and its Cancer Action Network as a volunteer leader since 1994, performing a variety of local, regional, and national roles and serving as a media spokesperson before audiences ranging from 16 to 30,000. In May 2013, the New England Division and National American Cancer Society Boards of Directors unanimously awarded her the St. George National Award recognizing her many significant personal and professional contributions to the fight against cancer. In 2014 she received the Lorin Lavidor Caregiver Award from the New England Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

Her passion to write her first book (Things I Wish I'd Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out) was ignited by her interaction with cancer patients and caregivers at the Society's AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston. Both within her own community and at the Society's AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, she came in contact with people whose cancer survival and caregiving stories were much more trying than her own diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer in 2001. 

Generous with their stories, the 95 interviewed caregivers (who came from 19 states and represented 117 patients with over 40 different cancer diagnoses) felt a strong desire to be heard and to share the lessons they had learned (often the hard way). She realized she could use her proven interviewing and writing skills to help them do that. These ingredients hatched a dream that made Things I Wish I'd Known a reality.

Her second book,Things I Wish I'd Known: Cancer and Kids, draws on that foundation by offering guidance to adults on how to help them understand the impact of cancer on their and their families' lives and how to engage children in the caregiving process in age-appropriate ways. Its writing was inspired by the experiences of personal friends in confronting these most sensitive communications challenges.

Professionally Cornwall consults with boards of directors and CEOs on leadership, CEO succession, governance, and change issues as Managing Director of The Corlund Group LLC.

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