Friday, June 5, 2015

A Day of What Ifs - a bookwrap

What if you ignited your imagination and played the "what if" game?   What if you made up places, things and happenings that were downright silly and mind-boggling,  that were so outrageous they made you roll on the ground laughing hysterically?  What if you dreamed impossibilities that morphed into possibilities?  Well here is a book that just might do those very things.  What if you shared it with your little one at bedtime and then were asked to read it again and again just because it became his most favourite book ever?   What if.....?


Written by Lauren Micchelli and illustrated by Thomas Barnett.

Ages 2-6

Unwrapping the illustrations for you to ogle...

About the book...

This fun book is all about imagination, creativity and thinking out-of-the-box.  It is a book that will make you laugh and entertain you.  It is written in rhyme, (rhyming couplets) that flow with playful language.  The words invite you to step on board and join in on some very quirky adventures indeed.  "What if's" adorn each page making the reader stretch his brain at the possibilities then burst out into laughter at the lubriciousness of it all.

The illustrations are fabulous.  They are detailed and not only witty but bright and colourful.  They radiate joy and happiness giving the book a real kid-friendly vibe.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Lauren Micchelli is a newly published author, having penned her first book in 2014. She has since continued the Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie and Murphy series, and went on to publish A Day Of What Ifs and I Love My Pet Elephant.

Lauren Micchelli grew up in West Caldwell, New Jersey and currently resides in northern New Jersey.

About the illustrator...

My name is Thomas Barnett, I have been a freelance illustrator/cartoonist for about 15 years. I have created comic strips, book illustrations, portraits and everything in between. Art is in my blood and a love that has been in my life since I can remember. I have a web comic that I produce three times a week and I have been a published illustrator through Stackpole Books. I frequently attend local comic book conventions where I sell my illustrations and comic books published under my own independent comics company, Meanwhile...Comics. 

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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