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Nuts About Nuts - a bookwrap

This day and age nuts are getting a bad deal.  Because of peanut allergies it seems all nuts are put into the same category and shunned from being chosen as a healthy snack alternative.  Today's book sheds light on the nutritional value you will receive by including nuts into your daily eating routine. They are excellent for your health!


Unwrapping the beautiful photos and layout within...

This book is a party-pack of information and education regarding nuts.  The author knows her subject matter and presents a strong case in the favour of including nuts into your eating routine. She selects ten different nuts:  peanuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, macadamia, cashews, pine nuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts and expounds on their nutritional value in simple terms that a child can easily understand.  

You learn that children under 4 should not be given nuts due to choking hazards and that soaked nuts are better to consume than salted or sweetened ones.  Did you know that more than 2-4 Brazilian nuts can lead to selenium poisoning?  I had no idea, but that is very important to know isn't it?  And because I love bagels and cream cheese so much this fact really jumped out at me... crushed cashews are an alternative to cheese.  Who knew? 

The book also includes fun facts which kids will just love to gobble up.  

*Did you know that there is a World Pistachio Day on February 26th?    

*That the word for pine nuts in Tuscan is Pinocchio.  Tuscan is a language used in central Italy.   

* National Macadamia Nut Day is celebrated on September 4th.

This little book is brimming with knowledgable information for you to consume. The author augments her narrative by stunning photographs which makes you salivate.   The photos are clear, vibrant and visually tell a story all on their own.  

I highly recommend this book as I am sure you will learn a lot about  how healthy nuts can be and choose them to partake of as a very yummy snack.  Let us not fear nuts but embrace them!

About the author...

Shir Guez is an author of children's books and the editor in chief of a health website.
Her children's books deal with subjects like healthy eating, good nutrition and other healthy habits.
In her books, she helps parents get their kids to develop healthy eating habits. She does that in a fun way and with the help of playful explanations and colorful and fun illustrations while conveying the educational message. 
Her books describe to kids in a simple and enjoyable way how to maintain good nutrition with fascinating explanations and fun activities.
The purpose of these books is to implement good nutrition habits at a young age, without kids feeling like it is something they "have" to do, rather than something they want to do. 
Considering the valuable time of parents, the books' purpose is to help kids to adjust to healthy habits that are easy to keep up every day and don't require any special effort, and at the same time can be fun activities for both kids and parents (also possible for grandparents). 
Her children's books are aimed at kids ages 3-8 (preschoolers).

More about the author:
Shir become an author and the editor in chief of a health website after a lifestyle change. She is now determined to spread the word about the great effects of healthy living. She always keeps in mind the importance of cultivating these habits in at a very young age.
Shir also holds a double major in economics and accounting.

Both Shir Guez's books are free at this time on Amazon:

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