Thursday, July 30, 2015

This Old Van - a bookwrap


Authored by Kim Norman and Illustrated by Carolyn Conahan

Ages 3-7

Unwrapping some of the fabulous illustrations for you...

About the book...

What a fun rollicking book!  Get your cool on man, because these well-preserved hippies are on a roll.  The book is written in rhyme and playfully sung to the tune of "This Old Man,"

"This old van, she passed one,
shining in the rising sun.

"With a click clack rattle rack,
ready for some fun,
this old van says,

When an invitation arrives from Jake requesting a visit from his grandparents for a special event - and not be late - the two groovy flower children get decked out in their tie-dye duds, hop into their dated, funky hippie-mobile, take their puppy, and flee the scene. 

As they head to their destination they encounter a train, two bulldozers, three tractors, and four get the idea... right up to ten. "What a gas"! They are in the groove baby, ready to go and to make it on time for Jake's big event.  

The illustrations are "Wicked!"  Canon's elaborate pastel illustrations are buzzing with activity, bright colours, and happiness. "Far out!" 

 I highly, highly recommend this book.  It is "Out of sight." 

About the author...

Kim Norman's children's books have been published by Dial, Dutton, Sterling and Scholastic. Her books have been well-reviewed in publications such as the New York Times and Publishers Weekly, and have been distributed in Scholastic Book Fairs and take-home Club fliers. Kim has built a national reputation as a school presenter, having done author visits in more than a hundred schools around the country.

Kim is an actress and singer, and has been known to practice her time step in a grocery line. Her books often feature animals, which were a big part of her childhood. Family pets included unusual critters such as a squirrel, an iguana and a raccoon named Danny.

She lives in Smithfield, Virginia, with the REAL Crocodaddy (her husband of more than 25 years.) They're the parents of two grown sons and the grandparents of one very large, shaggy Newfoundland.

About the illustrator...

Growing up at my mom's house, I rode bareback, picked wild berries, hauled hay, and made jam. At my dad's house, I got summer jobs in aerospace, watched rocket launches, went on long road trips in the VW van, swam with pretty fish, and sharks, barracudas, and alligators, too. I've always found the world to be an interesting place full of contrast and surprises. I'm happy to have a job that means I get to explore the world and any idea I scare up, and call it work. Photo: Judi Gardiner (Carolyn at Silver Falls) 

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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