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Faith and Hope - adult reading today

Unwrapping quotes about "HOPE"


Authored by Ruby Lee Tuesday

About the book and the author...

Ruby Lee Tuesday was born to be her father’s property. Trapped in an abusive home where only perfect was good enough for the devil, Ruby attempted to distract herself from his ways through her music, poetry, art, and most importantly, her faith in God. Tuesday shares a heartbreaking story of childhood trauma as she bravely pursued her dreams, despite living with parents who seemed determined to destroy her, both physically and emotionally. While providing a riveting look into the ways of an abuser, Tuesday details how her mistreatment eventually caused her to lose her faith, embark on a path of self-destruction, and succumb to panic attacks and depression. But through it all, Tuesday somehow managed to find solace and an escape in her music, ultimately leaving everything behind and bravely following her dream all the way from Norway to Nashville, Tennessee, where she would find faith once again. Better Believe is a story of determination, passion, betrayal, friendship, and hope as one woman journeys from the darkness of abuse into the light of healing where she learns to believe in herself for the first time.

My take...

I never, ever can understand why parents that are blessed with the  gift of a child can be so unloving and abusive to that precious gift given to them from God. It truly makes me angry when I read books about vulnerable, innocent little children who grow up in a despicable home environment by despicable parents who abuse and fracture them both inside and out.  Many, many children have survived these dire circumstances (many have not) and lived to pass their stories of tragedy onto others. Yes, I use the word tragedy because the very family that is suppose to love, nurture and celebrate their very existence has failed them and broken them so they cannot live a happy, fulfilled life, both in childhood and in adulthood. 

 By speaking out, these now hurting and bruised adults experience healing themselves and dispense hope to others...reaching out through their own pain to express comfort and love those who grew up in similar situations.  

Through the Grace of God complete healing and restoration is possible.  With God all things are possible. 

"Faith is the assurance of things hope for, the conviction of things not see."  this is the biblical definition  of faith from Hebrews 11:1. Faith is assurance, a know-so not hope-so way of understanding why things happen. "  Keep the faith above all else.  Know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God loves you and is there for you to put your broken pieces back together again and make you whole once again.

Read on and read always!

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