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Julio Bunny Goes to the Library - a bookwrap


Author and illustrator:  Nicoletta Costa

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About the book...

Julio bunny is trapped indoors as it's raining. He finally comes to the end of his rope and needs to get outside because he is bored to death.  He takes his umbrella and off he goes to find a friend to share this dreary, soggy day with.  His friend, Tommy Mouse, is feeling exactly the same way, so together they head off to Katie Goose's house to see what she is up to.  

When they arrive they find Katie Goose all smiles and brimming with happiness. She is holding a book under her wing about the extraordinary adventures of Gertrude, the Pirate Gosling.  The very idea that Katie is not bored but content with her book peaks the boy's interest.  Julio and Tommy decide right then and there that they too would love to read a book.  Wisely Katie Goose leads them to the "house of books"... the local library.

Will they take the challenge and get a good book that they love to read?  After Marion the librarian issues them their very own library cards they feel honoured indeed.  Will this book euphoria last or is it just a flash in the pan?  Julio truly does seem smitten by the reading bug and he even takes his book to bed with him, hugging on to it tightly and promising himself to resume his reading tomorrow.  

This book is perfect to read to your child before the first visit to the local library.  It will spark an interesting conversation about the joy of reading a good book when bored and introducing him to a place where amazing book friends live.  A book truly is a paper friend that always will be available on those gloomy, rainy days when no people friends can be found. Curling up with a good book is always a very good thing!

About the author/illustrator:

Nicoletta Costa is Italy's best-selling and best-loved children's author. She has illustrated over 350 books and has written most of them.

She is born in 1953 in Trieste, where she lives and works.
After graduating in Architecture at the University of Venice in 1978, she worked for some years in her father's firm; but she soon left the profession to dedicate her time exclusively to her real passion: writing and illustrating children's books.

Since 1980 Nicoletta has been narrating stories with words and images expressed from a child's perspective; her simple, yet striking, personal graphic style makes her illustrations instantly recognizable and very easy for children to imitate.
Her amusing chatacters live adventures that help children feel more confident and self assured. Very often teachers use Nicoletta's stories as a pedagogical strategy to help children cope with the various developmental stages of their lives.
Her most loved character is Julio Bunny, a sweet, shy rabbit, and a very loyal friend, often scared but always able to find the courage to overcome everyday challenges, with the help of his friends.

Nicoletta Costa's books, published by the major Italian Publishers and some foreign Publishers, have received many International Prizes such as the Catalonia d'Illustraciòn Award (1986), the Golden Pen Award (1988), the Grinzane Junior Award (2002) and three Christian Andersen Awards, the last two for her most loved character Julio Bunny, who is soon going to become also a TV series.

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