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Take the Dog Out! - a bookwrap

Come on now....really? This is not what your dog had in mind I am sure.

Unwrapping a little humour for you...


Authored by Lynne Dempsey and Illustrated by Mandy Newman-Cobb

Unwrapping the illustrations...
( I just loved them)

About the book...

Anyone who is a dog owner can certainly relate to this charming tale.  Coco, an adorable puppy, is full of vim and vigor and NEEDS to go out for a walk.  She expresses her desire in doggie fashion by interrupting mom's baking session in the kitchen, annoying dad while he's trying to have some "me" time with his newspaper and harassing Grandma in the bathroom by swaddling her with toilet paper.  Coco causes chaos with the other family members as well and the entire troupe scrambles to right her energetic puppy wrongdoings.

 Finally, after a clan gathering, consisting of chasing down and glaring at the poor little puppy, they and realize the error of their ways. Collectively they decide to go burn off some of that negative energy that has accumulated and decide that the whole lot of them needs to get outside on this beautiful day and take care of business...doggy business that is!  I love a happy ending!

The illustrations are playful, full of zest and zeal, and very expressive.  You love Coco the first time you meet her and you cheer her along as she goes from one fiasco to the next.  This story could be labelled educational as it is the perfect time to teach children about the responsibility of not only loving but caring for a pet.  

Be sure to read the back of the book first because you are thrown a challenge.  You are asked by the author to look for bones, barks and the colour red on every page.  There is also a word list to challenge sight vocabulary skills and a star award that can be autographed by the young reader claiming the book has been completed.   I loved it especially the illustrations!

About the author...

LYNNE DEMPSEY is the award-winning author of the TAKE THE DOG OUT series. 

TAKE THE DOG OUT! is a Readers' Favorite 2014 Gold Medal Winner, a 2014 USA Best Book Award-Winning Finalist, and a 2015 International Book Awards Finalist. NUMBERS! is also a 2015 International Book Awards Finalist.

Her pictures books have fun illustrations and sight words for ages 3-5. In addition to reading the story, a child can find hidden dog bones in the pictures. Her books include TAKE THE DOG OUT!, NUMBERS!, and COLORS!

"As a mother of two, I know it can be difficult to get children to read. Sometimes, they get frustrated. My goal is to build their reading confidence. I want to make kids giggle while they learn. Reading is fun!"

Lynne lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, their two children, and their dog, Coconut. Coco is the inspiration for the picture book series.

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