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The Way To School - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes...


By Rosemary McCarney with Plan International

Who is Rosemary?

Rosemary McCarney is an award-winning humanitarian and business leader, a recognized public speaker and author, and an expert on international economic development.
Not many international development experts spent time as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, but then again Rosemary McCarney is certainly an original. While the world tuned into Bob Geldof’s iconic Live Aid concert in 1985, Rosemary was volunteering in a children’s clinic in West Africa where the silence was deafening. A new and deadly disease – we now know it as HIV/AIDS – was tearing through the local population. With more than 20 years of international development work – always with a focus on children – Rosemary runs the Canadian operations of Plan International as President & CEO.

Her skills and passion have backstopped Plan Canada’s sector-leading growth in revenues. Among her many accomplishments, she has played a pivotal role in Plan’s expansion into Darfur. She is also a major driver of the nine-year Because I am a Girl campaign that advocates for girls’ rights. Despite her unrelenting schedule, she enjoys a close relationship with her three children.

Unwrapping some illustrations before we get into the book...

There are a lot because the visuals are just unbelievable.  I could not pick just a few. After you browse through them you will know why I had such a hard time choosing.

About the book...

Alright, I do not to hear our kids complain about getting to school ever again.  This is the perfect book to share with your child before school resumes again in September.  It is truly astounding the effort and determination that these young kids put into the value and necessity of seeking out an education for themselves.  They put themselves in perilous situations to be able to read, and to write and to learn.  The courage they display is truly remarkable and this book is a reminder to us all that school is a precious treasure to be thankful for, and a place that is an honour to attend. 

Some children are not allowed to attend school at all but must work long hours in very despicable situations just to survive another day. Others, as the pictures above document, must tread through war-torn, tsunami battered countrysides, wade or paddle across rivers, cross treacherous mountain precipices, climb, balance, carry their own water and desks to school just to get there.  Who knew what  obstacles and dangers these children must face daily to get to their beloved classes.

It is mind-boggling to discover that these kids literally risk their lives daily to get to school, something we take for granted.  They are taught that knowledge and learning can lift them out of their poverty-stricken environments and give them a better life, thus inspiring them and giving them hope of a brighter future.

The photos which are amazing, drive the message of the book and I know by sharing it with your kids they will see the struggles that children in other countries go through and meaningful discussions will ensue. I highly recommend this book and believe a copy should be in every classroom and library everywhere.

In contast...

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