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Honey the Hero - a bookwrap

We all love a super hero don't we?  A protector and saviour to keep us safe from danger and harm.  To-day's book is about a little bird who wants to be just that... a rescuer, a deliverer and a fighter for those needing a champion in their life.


Authored by Emlyn Chand and Illustrated by Sarah Shaw
A Bird Brain Book

Ages 3-7

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

Unwrapping the content...

This charming tale is about a curious little bird named Honey who lives in Australia.  She loves to people watch as they scurry to and fro leading very exciting lives (or so she thinks).  One day Honey lands on a window sill, peers through the window and sees a family cuddling together on a couch watching a super hero fight crime and help people in trouble.  Right then and there she decides that's exactly what she wants to do because everyone loves a hero.  She creates a costume for herself and says:

"Now that I look like a hero, I need to act like one too."

She first flies across the Outback and spots a kangaroo stuck in a giant puddle of mud. She wants to rescue him but finds he has a purpose for being in that mud and Honey just swooped in and wrecked all his fun.  Oh my!

Next she comes across Mr. Anteater who is very, very hungry because the ants are hiding from him.  Honey tries to help him out but oh dear she seems to make matters even worse if that is even possible.  

Mrs. Koala is pining for her joey whose time had come to be independent and leave his mom.  Honey tries to be the joey's substitute and crawls inside of Mrs. Koala's pouch and snuggles down in. However, her attempt  to cheer the heartbroken mother fails and causes the other koala bears to mock and taunt Mrs. Koala, embarassing her profoundly and making her feel even worse.  

Broken-hearted and discouraged, Honey flies back to her nest thinking her super hero days are over forever.  Her loving mother wraps her in her wings and consoled her with these words:

"Honey, your heart is in the right place.  Be patient and watchful.  Someday you will find someone who needs help that only you can offer."

And that's exactly what happens.  The perfect scenario arises to make a true superhero out of Honey.  She does not hesitate when she hears the call and she becomes the champion she longs to be making everyone around her proud and her heart very happy indeed.

About the author...

Emlyn Chand emerged from the womb with a fountain pen clutched in her left hand-and that's totally a true story.  When she's not writing, Emlyn runs her very own marketing company and tends to her in-home zoo of three dogs, five parrots, and even a human daughter named Phoenix.

Connect with her at www.EmlynChand.com/kids.   Make sure to check out he pet Ducky's blog while you're there.!

About the illustrator:

Sarah Shaw has a BFA in Sequential Art–a perfect mix of great storytelling and drawing. Also a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, she recognizes a good story when she sees it, and enjoys bringing them to life in her art. Her favorite part of drawing is fueling the emotion, attitude, and thoughts of a character or scene, whether it be sketch or finished illustration. She focuses in the digital medium, and is also an aspiring writer.

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