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I Can Roar! - a bookwrap


Authored by Frank Asch

About the book...

This book is perfect for toddlers and very young children.  It is creative, expressive and interactive.  It is a very sturdy and kid-friendly board board, one which will make your child giggle and play as he/she uses his imagination to become the character illustrated on each page.  

As each page is turned, a new experience awaits.  Your child will delight in becoming a strong roaring lion, a fuzzy brown bear, a snapping turtle, a hooting owl or even a sly old snake, just to name a few.  There are 17 opportunities to get imaginations perking and your child to become the star of the book. 

The really unique fun part is that the animal's faces are substituted by your child's peeking through a four-inch circular cut-out and making faces and sounds like the animal he is supposed to represent.   What an interesting and challenging way to teach little ones about a variety of animals in his world.  

The final page inspires your child to be anything he wants with the message, "I Can be anything!"   It includes a mylar mirror that reflects those words right back at your child.  Brilliant marketing for sure.  I love this idea suggested by the author himself...

"this book would work beautifully for a creative activity with preschoolers or kindergarteners.  It could be used one on one with a child or could be passed around  the circle allowing each child to take a turn with the next animal. "

About the author...

Frank Asch was born and raised in rural New Jersey. His earliest interests were in science, specifically physics and astronomy, yet by the time he entered college he was determined to pursue a career in the Arts. Even before graduating from The Cooper Union with a degree in Fine Art, he published his first children's book, George's Store in 1968. 
Since then he has written over 70 children's books, including Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius, the IRA Children's Choice Award-winning Mr. Maxwell's Mouse and its follow-up, Mrs. Marlowe's Mice. 
He has traveled widely, married and raised a son who has also pursued writing and illustrating as a career. Mr. Asch currently divides his time between Vermont and Hawaii.
2008 - Golden Duck Award — Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades, Super-Con-Duck-Tivity, Winner
2007 - Young Reader Medal, California Library Association, Short-listed
2006 - Children's Book Illustration Award, 3x3 Magazine, Commended
2006 - Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award, Short-listed
2006 - Black-Eyed Susan Book Award, Maryland Educational Media, Short-listed
2005 - Read Aloud Book Award, Runner-up
2005 - Childrens' Choices, International Reading Association, Short-listed
2004 - Book of the Year Award – Gold Medal, ForeWord Magazine, Winner
2004 - Best Books of 2004, School Library Journal, Winner
2008 - Comstock Read Aloud Book Award, Minnesota State University, Commended
2008 - Horace Mann Upstanders Book Award, Winner
2007 - Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine, Short-listed
2008 - Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award, Short-listed
2006 - Parents' Choice Award – Silver Medal, Winner
1999 - Children's Choices, International Reading Association, Winner
Picture Books
I Can Roar!, 2015
Early Chapter Books
Time Twister, 2008

Star Jumper, 200

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