Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Living On Love - a bookwrap

How fun is this to present to you on an Open Mic Wednesday?  Everyone loves food and this book will help you prepare great meals and then indulge in some mighty fine cuisine...

Welcome to Open Mic Wednesday... let's "cook the books"  together shall we?


Author Annie Oeth

Who is this author?

Working as a features editor, being a solo mom to four and keeping a collection of cats plus one dog -- it's all part of Annie Oeth's day, all day, every day. "Because I Said So: Life in The Mom Zone" from Sartoris Literary Group,gives you a big slice of laughter and love with a few tears along the way, all written from Annie's world. 

A lifelong Mississippian, Annie Oeth is a graduate of Mississippi University for Women and Kaplan University who counts life as the best educator of all.

About the book...

"Annie Oeth’s Living On Love is the kind of down-home sass that every kitchen needs. Oeth chats with the reader in a way that feels like a front porch setting and uses cooking as a love language, reaching straight to the heart of the reader. The best part about this book is the lengthy list of recipes that make your stomach growl, but don’t take a bite out of your pocketbook." —Hannah and Caroline Melby of the band, Hanalena, authors of "Recipes and Road Stories" 

This great book is educational, humorous, witty and a confessional at times from the author.  She totally gets that life is busy, money can be short, and that with some wisdom of buying and preparing food you don't have to relinquish flavour and time and become disheartened with your meals.  She understands that people have many more things going on in their lives beside worrying and fretting about food. She continually highlights the importance of savoury food and limited time schedules, togetherness with your family and fellowship around your table.  

She offers tips to get you started on your unique journey. She states you cannot compare your haute cuisine to anyone else's but to...your own! 

"Living on Love" is full of simple, tasty recipes and Oeth documents not only the approximate cost of each meal to be prepared but also the time it takes to put that meal together.  The great news is that most of the meals cost less than $10 and take less than 30 minutes to prepare or cook.  

Some of the chapters include:

*It's 5 O'clock Somewhere: Recipes for Appetizers, Tailgating and the Cocktail Hour

*Get Your Just Desserts

*Rabbit food: Salads and Lighter Fare

Read on and read always! 

It's a wrap.

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