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Sweet as Fruit - a bookwrap

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Authored by Shir Guez

Ages 4-11

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About the book...

Well I certainly learned a lot by reading this book about eating healthy, nutritious fruits.  

"So...what would you like your food to be?

Tasty? Sweet" Easy to make? Fast so you don't have to wait too long for it to be ready to eat?  Appetizing? And at the same time, would you want it to be healthy?  To help you feel full? To help you fight viruses and diseases?  To make you feel better and stronger?  

Well, fruits have it all! They're both delicious and nutritious!"

The author has compiled a collection of succulent fruits that are colourful, tasty and ripe for the picking.  Her objective is to introduce your children to the delectable and available world of fruits and to encourage them to eat at least one cup of fresh fruit daily. 

She has framed her book around a variety of delicious fruits and highlights their nutritional value and contribution to your good health if eaten often. Consuming seasonal fruit is the by far the best and she recommend that you chose fruits that you love to eat.  

"...every fruit contains important nutrients.  For example, some of the fruits contain large amounts of vitamin C, while others contain large amounts of vitamin K or Lycopene.  Therefore, to get all the nutrients you need, try to diversity the fruits you eat. Try not to eat the exact same fruits every day."

 The illustrations are crisp and clear and will have you salivating ... just one bite please.  Guez has included some "Fun Fact" pages just for pure entertainment and enjoyment.  Here are a few examples:

*  The Apollo 15 astronauts carried apricot food bars for a snack during increasingly long work periods on the moon's surface."

* Dates can be a healthier replacement for chocolate in many recipes.  For example, they can be used as a healthy replacement in chocolate balls, along with nuts and almonds!

*The Guinness World Record set the heaviest mango as 3.435 kg (7.57 lb)! The record was set in the Philippines in August 2009. The mango was harvested from the yard of a couple named Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan.

Children (and adults too) will learn how eating fruit can benefit their health and lifestyle.  A clever add on is presented at the end of the book: a free game for kids to play and for the whole family to enjoy.

This is the second book in the series "Nutrildren - Nutrition for Children", the first being "Nuts about Nuts."

I would highly recommend this book for elementary school aged kids and especially reserve a spot for it in the classroom plus a copy or two for the school library.  

About the author...

Shir Guez is an author of children's books and the editor in chief of a health website.
Her children's books deal with subjects like healthy eating, good nutrition and other healthy habits.
In her books, she helps parents get their kids to develop healthy eating habits. She does that in a fun way and with the help of playful explanations and colorful and fun illustrations while conveying the educational message. 
Her books describe to kids in a simple and enjoyable way how to maintain good nutrition with fascinating explanations and fun activities.
The purpose of these books is to implement good nutrition habits at a young age, without kids feeling like it is something they "have" to do, rather than something they want to do. 
Considering the valuable time of parents, the books' purpose is to help kids to adjust to healthy habits that are easy to keep up every day and don't require any special effort, and at the same time can be fun activities for both kids and parents (also possible for grandparents). 
Her children's books are aimed at kids ages 3-8 (preschoolers).

More about the author:
Shir become an author and the editor in chief of a health website after a lifestyle change. She is now determined to spread the word about the great effects of healthy living. She always keeps in mind the importance of cultivating these habits in at a very young age.
Shir also holds a double major in economics and accounting. 

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