Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tales from Christmas Wood - a bookwrap

I know, I understand, a Christmas book already?  We haven't even had Hallowe'en yet.  I am just giving you a heads up with this precious little book so if you are out and about or online you might want to take a peek at it.  I will be doing this from time to time to get you ready for amazing Christmas books that you can read to your kids as your family celebrates that joyous season together.


Authored by Suzy Senior

Illustrated by James Newman Gray

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping the stunning illustrations...

About the book...

This collection of five short stories are expertly woven to culminate in the sixth.  The book centres around a small group of animals that live in the beautiful town of Christmas Wood.  Badger who is just passing by, turns a corner and is totally awestruck by its beauty, so much so that she decides to live there and make it her permanent home.  She wants so badly to assimilate with the other animals but unfortunately her teeth are scary to them and they stay far away from her.  As the stories unfold the animals learn not to fear her but embrace her thus creating a unified, tight-knit community with everyone living in harmony.  

The stories warm your heart and cover important concepts such as making new friends, facing your fears, being accepting of new comers and practising thoughtfulness and kindness.

The sixth tale wraps it up perfectly.  Everyone is in one accord as they gather together for the biggest celebration of all...the true meaning of Christmas... the birth of baby Jesus.

The illustrations are just magical, each like a painting you could frame and hang up to admire.  I truly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.

Want to meet the author?

Suzy Senior lives and works at the top of a huge hill in Yorkshire. She lives with her husband, two lovely children, two guinea pigs, some fish, a grumpy kestrel, twelve whippets and a family of cheeky ferrets.

She has worked in publishing for what seems like ages, and still really loves it. In her spare time she likes to write books for children, but usually has to clean out the guinea pigs instead.*

*That's all true, except for the bit about the ferrets, the kestrel and the whippets. To be honest, it's mainly just fish and guinea pigs. But that's plenty, really.

Meet the illustrator...

I have been working as a professional illustrator for 20 years and have recently started 
work as a freelancer. My main employer was hallmark Cards UK.
I work in all media and styles and am used to working to tight deadlines.
I am currently doing work for Hallmark cards, including licensed characters like forever friends.
Also i am represented in the UK by Advocate Art agency and in the USA by Astound Art Agency.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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