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A Baby's Guide To Surviving Dad - a bookwrap

A new baby makes quite a difference in a family once he arrives.  Unfortunately he doesn't come with a manual. Even if you have ten kids they are all unique little beings with no blueprints included. Each family member has to take a turn in your baby's upbringing.  Raising him includes a lot of trial and error, not to mention a huge responsibility...until you get it right...and often, you still don't get it right.  You do your best, hope for the best and most of the time he turns out the best.

With huge doses of patience, unconditional love, and just plain hanging in there, these little darlings do get raised,  they do age us considerably, but most of all they do us proud.  Today's book is fantastic... enjoy!


Authored by Benjamin Bird

Illustrated by Tiago America

Ages 2-6

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

I love the illustrations in this book.  They are big, humorous, full of emotion and the soft colour pallet chosen is perfect.  They are filled with imagination and creativity.

My review...

Hurray for dad!  As an inexperienced young father he bravely steps up to the plate to take his turn with his new baby boy and discovers that maybe this role might be more challenging than he originally anticipated.  

Baby realizes that in order for him to survive he will have to teach Dad a thing or two to make that happen.  Bring on Baby Nurturing 101!  You see Dad's only been a dad as long as Baby has been a baby.... so there may be some lessons to be learned by both!

Dad endlessly changes diapers to perfect the art and he withstands a  very messy and gooey food fight with his tot.  Baby teaches Dad the difference between playtime and feeding time as they are not the same at all.  What about when it comes to bath time?  Well best baths are shared aren't they? Come on in dad the water's fine!  And don't get me started on sleepy time.  Babies, all clean and smelling divine, just drift off peacefully to dreamland when you put them down for the night... no problem? Right?  

"Lastly, to stay safe at night, one of you should always stand guard. 
Allow him to take the first watch.  He's older after all."

Lessons learned?  You can't survive without dear old Dad and guess what? The truth is that dear old Dad cannot survive without Baby!  

This is a humorous, endearing story about the bonding that takes place between a loving father and his precious little baby son.  After the many challenges of guiding his infant through a hectic day Dad finds out that the best part of all is the cuddling and happiness he finds as he rocks his contented little guy to sleep...  finally.  Heart - to - heart and snore to snore they made it.    

About the author...

Benjamin Bird is a children's book editor and freelance writer from St. Paul, Minnesota. He has written books about some of today's most popular characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Scooby-Doo, Tom ; Jerry, and many more.

About the illustrator...

Freelancer graphic designer and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. Tiago graduated in Graphic Design at UTFPR, Brazil and worked on the animation industry for a few years, receiving several awards for his animation short-movies Cafè La Rochelle and The Chance and the Butterfly. Since 2010 Tiago works as a full-time illustration artist, Redcreating children’s books, greeting cards, wall decalls, posters, game concept for clients in France, UK, USA, 
Canada, South Korea, Belgium, Holland and Brazil.

Tiago work is a mix of vintage look, colorful palettes and very cute retro looking characters. He tries to create art that is both figurative and decorative.

He lives happily with his beloved wife, his dog and a bunch of cool books!
Client’s list includes: Disney games, Usborne, Éditions Milan, Auzou, Galison USA, Psikhouvanjou Nl, Éditions-Hatier, Larousse, Top That! Publisher, La Marelle, American Greetings, Electrolux Latin America, ANJ Brazil

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