Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Party for Pepper - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some "tea" quotes for you today...

Unwrapping today's book...

Written and illustrated by Sarah Hartsig

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Unwrapping the illustrations for you...

The illustrations are gentle, soft and reminiscent of Beatrix Potter's work.  The colour pallet is calming and pleasing to the eye.  They are definitely a treat to behold.

My review...

This sweet charming tale takes place in Hazelwood Forest.  It's a very special day because it's Pepper's birthday and her friends are busy preparing for the celebration. Pepper is an adorable little mouse that you fall in love with immediately. Her friends gather together and create a tea party extraordinaire... one to show Pepper how much she is loved.  

The reader is asked to count ten things that will make Pepper's party not only amazing but will show her how special she is to them.  

Beautiful, delicate images accompany the numbers and you discover some of the things that Pepper's holds dear to her heart.  She loves a blossom berry cake, her presents are carefully wrapped in creamy birch bark, cups of delicious pink tea are brewed and poured, a soft-pink clover bouquet adorns the ruby-red mushrooms that are chosen for the party table and chairs, red berry decorations are carefully strung together and hung up high, and juicy blackberries are on the menu for everyone attending to enjoy.  

This is a story about caring, sharing, community and friendship.  It is also a wonderful way to get your child counting.  I know you will love this book, especially the illustrations with all their richness and detail.

About the author...

The author and illustrator of A Party for Pepper began creating stories and and illustrations of her beloved characters in 2010.  Sarah lives in the picturesque city of Seattle, Washington.  In her free time, Sarah loves to paint and write at her studio desktop, which always displays a vase of fresh roses.  She also loves sipping tea, meandering through the wood with her fiancĂ© Sean, and reading good books.


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