Friday, November 13, 2015

Caillou and the Big Bully - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes about bullying for you to ponder..

Unwrapping today's book...

By Christine L'Heureux

Ages 3-6

My review...

Caillou, while at his daycare, runs into a terrible problem.  He is confronted multiple times by a big, strong, aggressive boy named Theo.  Theo pushes and shoves him out on the playground and inside his classroom, making Caillou feel afraid, wanting to cry, and very little.  

Caillou starts to have bad dreams at home, he doesn't want to eat his dinner and he is very rude and abrasive towards his little sister Rosie, yelling at her to go away and not to bother him.  His mom observes his behaviour which is very unlike her usually quiet, loving little boy.  She cannot understand what is making him feel and act this way. Finally Caillou blurts out that someone at his daycare is hurting him and making him feel unsafe and scared.  He explains it to his parents in very simple child-like terms... Theo is too big for me.  

Caillou's dad takes him aside and talks to him about how he should respond towards Theo.  He explains that he and his mom can protect him while he is at home but out in the real world, when he is away from them, he has to tell someone about it, to learn to stand up for himself and to say to the bully...  no more.  Obviously his teacher has gotten wind of the problem too because she speaks to Theo and keeps an eye out on things that are happening, thus protecting Caillou and his other classmates from any further abuse.  

About the author...


Ta! Da! Here she is...

Christine L'Heureux wrote the book on Caillou--literally! As a writer and children's publisher, she is the woman behind the first Caillou books. She lives in Montreal, Canada.

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