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Little Bo Peep | And More Nursery Rhymes | From LittleBabyBum

Ever heard of fractured-fairy tales?  Well this is a fractured nursery rhyme on steroids.  A delightful book that you cannot just read through once and tuck away on a shelf.  It will quickly become one of your young child's favourite and repeatedly you will spend hours browsing those eye-pleasing illustrations and laughing at the antics that are taking place.   Get ready for ... "One more time please!"  

Unwrapping for you...

"Little Bo Peep and Her Bad, Bad Sheep"
A Mother Goose Hullabaloo

Authored by A.L. Wegwerth

Illustrated by Luke Flowers

Ages:  4-8

Unwrapping the illustrations that are just too fabulous for words...

The illustrations are brimming with action, expression and heart. There are word bubbles galore, conversations being tossed back and forth, the narration of the nursery rhyme itself.  The chaotic  busyness just draws you right into the story being told.  The book is a cross between a Where's Waldo book, as you try to locate those naughty little sheep, and books penned by Richard Scarry. 

My Review...

Little Bo Peep's rogue sheep have done it again!  They have taken off and she doesn't know where to find them.  She is frantic and worried and starts her search immediately to get them back home safe and sound and under her protective care once again.

Little does she know that they are causing chaos and mayhem in Nursey Rhyme Land bumping into beloved Nursey Rhyme characters and causing trouble to all those that they meet.  They swoop in and steal the three little kittens' mittens and take off with them, they topple poor Humpty Dumpty from his perch, and they completely destroy Mary's pristine garden, just to name a few.  Such behaviour is truly unacceptable but Bo cannot retrieve them as they keep disappearing and running off for more manic adventures on a whim.  The reader knows exactly where those wooly scoundrels are and can track their every move on each page.  Kids will giggle and laugh as they are pulled into the mischievous antics of these "sheep gone wild" scenarios.

The author has brilliantly listed the traditional rhymes at the back of the book that she uses throughout, so that might be a good place to start.  Once your child is somewhat familiar with them they can try to find the rhymes in the story.  This is a very creative, imaginative, entertaining take on a very old and traditional nursery rhyme which I  highly recommend.  And the best part?  It's a "wool" lot of fun.

About the author...

A.L. Wegwerth (also known as Amber Ross) has an uncanny ability to recall songs and rhymes from childhood with little-to-no prodding. As one might imagine, this remarkable skill comes in handy on a daily basis—or at least for the time it took to create this book. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and kids.

About the illustrator...

Ahoy! I appreciate that you want to explore a bit more about me and my creative journey. I suppose it all began back in '79, in the mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado. Ever since I can remember I was drawn to drawing. I found an endless sea of inspiration in storybooks, comics, cartoons, toys, every Scholastic How To Draw book I could get my hands on, all those classic 80's movies, and the wild adventures with my brothers. A treasured childhood gift, was my grandfathers drawing desk that I spent countless hours creating upon. It had this wonderful extending arm lamp that truly illuminated my world of imagination! Most kids at that age would trade sports cards with each other. I would trade my drawings of sports heroes for sports cards. It was then I thought, "Maybe someday I could actually make a career of this"!

Thankfully I had a supportive family and incredibly talented art teachers that cheered me on in this pursuit. I attended Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, and graduated in 2000 with a BFA in Illustration. I left with a head full of dreams, a hefty school loan and a wedding ring. Words can't express the gratitude I have for my wife/best friend who has forever blessed every step of this journey. Her love and encouragement has been the greatest source of inspiration in my life.

I moved from Denver to Colorado Springs and went to work for Young Life in the Creative Services Department. I spent 10 richly inspiring years serving the mission of Young Life and growing as a designer/illustrator. During that time my wife and I also grew a little family. I had started freelancing early on in my career so my wife could be home with our kiddos. Little did I know that this decision would impact my work in unimaginable ways. The creative opportunities I had as a freelancer led to achieving my life-long dream of owning my own creative studio.
In 2010 I launched Luke Flowers Creative, and have been sailing the endless sea of inspiration ever since. Luke Flowers Creative was founded on the goal to bring "illumination of imagination" in every area of my work. This idea was inspired by the meaning of my name (Luke, means Light) and I strive to embrace that in every aspect of my life. Whether it is illuminating the imagination through my illustrations, or bringing a shining light of encouragement to other creatives. I deeply hope that my work will be a source of illumination for you.

P.S. I think he's is amazing.  I love, love, love his style and imaginative take on the book.... just saying.

 Read on and read always!

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