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Squirrel Me Timbers - a bookwrap

Who would have thought?  I squirrel pirate, now that's different.  Come along on a highsea's adventure...  climb aboard, grab the treasure map and we are off.................


Debut book by Louise Pigott

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to see...

My review...

Sammy the squirrel dreams of sailing the seas and thinks he's a least that's what he says!  He amazingly finds a treasure map on the ground and lo and behold a huge red X marks the exact location of guess what?  Hundreds of nuts.  Now how can Sammy say no to a pirate plot that was made in heaven... a treasure trove of nuts ripe for the taking?  It's a little squirrel's dream indeed!

Sammy the squirrel is energetic, he's on a mission and he is definitely going to make this happen.  The pace of the story is fast and breath-taking and Sammy wants you, the reader, to try and keep up with him on his wild nut-finding escapade.  

Written in rhyme that's appealing to kids, this book lends itself to being read aloud.  The adorable squirrel character is drawn in an expressive way and is a full action figure.  This is the author's debut book as both a writer and an illustrator and she did a magnificent job.  More please.  I highly recommend "Squirrel Me Timbers".  

About the author...

Louise Pigott as an illustrator and author of children's picture books, working from Cambridge UK. Graduating in 2009 with a First Class BA (Hons) in Graphic Design a
nd Illustration from De Montfort University, Leicester, Louise embarked on a career as a freelance illustrator, initially working within the greeting card industry and advertising. Clients included Hallmark, Paperchase, American Greetings and the Royal Horticultural Society. Throughout this time, and always being a firm lover of children's illustration and writing, Louise started working on stories, inspired largely by her love of nature and humorous observations of animals. 

Louise's illustrated titles so far include Little Red Hen (A & C Black, 2013), Astron (Oxford University Press, Sept 2015), The Wizard of Oz (Harper Collins, Sept 2015) and Forest Lullaby (Cottage Door Press, Sept 2015). 

Her first authored and illustrated picture book, Squirrel Me Timbers, is due for release across the UK and USA from April 2016.

Read on and read always!

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