Monday, January 11, 2016

Mindful Moments for Kids - a music wrap


"Mindful Moments for Kids"

30 Simple, quick ways to help children de-stress, calm down, and focus

by Kira Willey

This is a unique collection of 30 one-minute mindful exercises that an be done seated, anytime of the day.  It is a perfect compilation suited for a classroom, home use, or in your car.

The results of engaging with this CD can bring harnessed energy, released anxiety and development of self-awareness and compassion.  Each track consists of Kira's simple voiceover instructions set to her original music.  The songs included 5 intentions to:


Kira Willey is a recognized children's yoga expert and an award-winning recording artist.  Her "backseat yoga breaks" air regularly on SiriusXM radio, and she hosts a public television yoga show in her home state of Pennsylvania. has lots of background information for you to learn more.

Unwrapping the Playlist for you...


 Candle Breath
Count to Five
Flower Breath
 Bear Breath
 Hot Chocolate
 Where is Your Breath?


Listen to the Bell
Snake Breath
Stop & Go
Big Yawn
Be a Bumblebee


Today I'm Going to Be...
Create Something New
Imagine You're a Tree
Send Good Thoughts


1-2-3 Clap!
Bunny Breath
Wake Up Your Face!
Lion Breath
Hot Soup


Shoulder Squeeze
Gentle Neck Stretch
Arm Stretch & Wiggle
Get Your Grumpies Out
Scrunch & Let Go
Do Nothing Moment

Bonus Tracks 

 Dance for the Sun
Just Be

Kira's three previous releases of yoga albums for kids have all won Parents' Choice Awards and earned national acclaim. Highly recommended.

Unwrapping the fun...

About Kira Willey

Kira Willey is an award-winning American musician best known for her song Colors which is featured on a popular Dell computer laptop commercial. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and a mother. At the age of five, Willey started playing the violin and continued performing all the way through high school and taught herself how to play guitar and mandolin as a teenager. Willey spent the late nineties in New York City performing in nightclubs before working on material that would later be used for her debut album, Dance for the Sun. The songs initially were written for her first daughter in an effort to sing her to sleep. Upon gaining a certification to teach Yoga, she started bringing her guitar to classes to play for the children. Her students loved the songs she wrote which led her to write more songs with the intention of pleasing children and eventually to recording her first album. Her cousin produced the album and played drums, her brother sang bass, and her daughter and friends sang along in a few tracks. Her music has been described as joyful, upbeat and eminently danceable and she has won awards for best album and best song.
* Independent Music Award: Best Children's Album; Dance for the Sun
* Independent Music Award: Best Song; Caterpillar caterpillar
* 2007 Parents' Choice Award: Best Children's Album; Dance for the Sun
* Children's Music Web Awards: Best Recording for Preschoolers; Dance for the Sun
* Children's Music Web Awards: Best Song; Caterpillar caterpillar

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