Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Suzie Snowflake - a bookwrap

What a perfect day to be reviewing this book for you.  As I look out my window snowflakes are falling and they may accumulate up to 15 cm.  It is astounding to think that each and every snowflake is unique with its own beautiful and delicate design.  The exquisiteness they behold is that of a precious diamond if you take time to study them up close. Unwrapping today's book for you to enjoy...

Suzie Snowflake

Authored by Crystaline Rose and illustrated by Maksym Stasiuk

A self-esteem story

Unwrapping the incredible illustrations...

The illustrations are an explosion of happy colours and the colour pallet is very vibrant and bold.  They are hazy and dreamy like you have entered into a supernatural, surreal world. 

Unwrapping Suzie Snowflake...

Praise for "Suzie Snowflake" and the wonderful message it imparts to kids.  No one is perfect but every one of us has value and worth so let us celebrate who we are and the diversity and uniqueness of the others around us. 

Written in rhyme, we discover that Suzie lives high in the sky which enables her to envy all the beautiful snowflakes she sees drifting down passed her.  She glitters, twinkles and is bright white, full of light.  But Suzie feels bad about herself. She knows she is not perfect because she has a flaw ...

"One speck of dark
just right in her middle"

She tries to rub and wish it away, but no way... it stays!

Upset and downhearted she seeks out her parents for comfort and advice.  They surround her with love and encouragement and  positive words that fill up her heart. They convince her she is truly beautiful inside and out.  She is a treasure to behold and they both love every inch of her and she should love herself the same too.  She is one-of-akind, she is THE Suzie Snowflake. 

Kids will be inspired and take heart as they too realize their potential and specialness when the book is read and discussed.  It emphasizes the power of a strong, engaged family unit and the incredible power of words that can build up and honour who we are created to be.  To love others wholly you must first accept and love yourself.

About the author...

Crystaline Rose is a teacher, storyteller and children's book author. She is a big kid at heart and loves writing empowering messages for children. Finding a unique rhyme and song to each story:) She has written 8 children's books so far and is currently working on the illustrations for the 3rd. 

She is passionate about growth, creativity, wholeness and learning and tries to bring fun and meaning to her stories. She feels the most inspired when bringing her stories to classrooms and community; reading to children and adults alike. Crystaline loves sacred ceremony, nature, animals and spending time with loved ones including her own inner child:)

About the illustrator...

I provide services for the authors and publishers. I am reliable and easy to work with. I work with children books, magazines, newspapers, web-site, everyone who needs graphic design and illustration.
The best of my skills is painting for kid\'s and children books. Also I work with watercolors, graphic arts. I can make not just the illustration for children, but for the various genders. Also I create the independent pictures of different sizes and trends. I work with the digital camera. I do the artistic shoot.
I also produce the professional book layout. I create the book from the blank page to the ready-to-print file.

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