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Club Called Awesome! - a musicwrap

Today I have a get-up-and-dance CD for you.  Here's what people are saying...

"Amazing enough on the ears that it deserves to be here, there and wherever families are looking for rad summertime mini jams. "  
                             -Jeff Bogle, Red Tricycle

"The difference with her sound is that it's a grown-up, piano-based pop that would not be out of place on the radio next to such singers as Leslie Feist and Regina Spektor."
                             -Phil Corless, A Family Runs Through it


 Created by Liz DeRoche

Ages 2-7

Included is a comic book..

Liz DeRoche has created a comic book to accompany her CD.  She has written the text and the colourful illustrations are compliments of Marc Rene.  This fantastic little insert-book encourages listeners to follow along as three young adventurers band together to start a club called Awesome, meet a robot named Beat Bot, make new friends, play games at the park, take a bite of something new, and celebrate every day. 

Liz DeRoche is one of the first artists to combine original and traditional kid's music with electronic, pop, and dance genres. Her creative style she has named, "Electro-Kindie."  She was inspired by Radiohead, Daft Punk and Bjork.  The Singing Lizard is an electropop singer/keyboardist/drummer who creates seriously fun dance parties for all ages.  

Liz tells us, "This album is a reflection of my own childhood.  It started in my friends' tree house where I created an imaginary world with a magic robot, made friends with every kid in the neighborhood, and I rode my bike absolutely everywhere.  I was allowed to grow up in my way, with own peculiar inquisitiveness. We didn't have a lot of money, but there was never a lack of love and laughter.  Drawing on these memories for the album took a great deal of time, thought, and love, and I really hope that comes through.  More  than anything else, my hope is that families will enjoy Club Called Awesome together."

Unwrapping the  track list...

Club Called Awesome
Beat Bot the Robot
Growing Up
I Spy
Be Yourself
My Balloon
Feeling Blue
Show Me Your Happy
Space Race
Chugga Chugga
Take A Bite
Peace Sign

Running time:  38 minutes
Label: AlphaBeat Records 
Release date:  March 25, 2016

Previous albums by The Singing Lizard are:
Make Believe (2013)  and AlphaBeat (2010) 

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp, and at the Singing Lizard's live shows

About The Singing Lizard...

Nickelodeon‘s Parents’ Picks #1 Party Entertainer in Washington, DC,

What began as a single song written for her brother’s firstborn unexpectedly set The Singing Lizard on a track to becoming one of DC’s favourite children’s musicians. Since then, The Singing Lizard has delivered more than 300 high-energy performances for crowds ranging from private parties of a few dozen to an audience of 400 excited families. She has performed at the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the US Senate Children’s Holiday Party, the US Capitol, and various markets, festivals, and fundraisers throughout the DC Metro Area. The Singing Lizard also creates custom songs and one-of-a-kind compositions for her growing fan base.
The Singing Lizard, aka Liz DeRoche, started improvising on the piano and drums when she was four years old in in the green valleys of Western Oregon, drawing her inspiration from nature and the simple joys of small-town living. Liz’s intrinsic inquisitiveness led to seeking musical adventures abroad, back-packing throughout Europe. When Liz returned home the adventures continued and she hit the road to explore North America, traveling across the United States and beyond to Canada and Mexico.

Liz relishes pushing boundaries. Connecting with kids and parents alike, her personality exudes energy, love, and inclusion. Just watch all the kids line up for a hug from The Singing Lizard and you will truly understand the connection she creates with her audience. Adults make up some of Liz’s most loyal fans, thrilled that she has inspired their children by gently encouraging the shy and channeling the exuberant to imagine, dance, and learn.

Catch up with Liz on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and at her website: www.

Get ready everyone...  you'll need your dancing shoes for this CD.  "Her songs will have you digging into your imagination and shaking your tail feather."  How fun will that be?   I highly recommend this CD. 

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