Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Crazy Pet Frog - a bookwrap

Ever want to change into someone else and see if that would make you happier because your old self seems so boring and plain?  Well this is what today's book is all about... the search for the perfect you... according to...you! Will happiness follow?


My Crazy Pet Frog

authored by Scott Gordon
illustrated by Julien Tromeur

Ages:  3-6

Unwrapping some fantastic illustrations for you...

About the book...

One morning the narrator finds a frog in his bathtub and adopts him as his pet.  (One does not know if the narrator is male or female and I like that a lot. ) 

He thinks the frog has multiple personalities tucked deep inside of him.  The frog's behaviour is quite bizzare as he tries being a secret agent, a disco dancer, a professional boxer, a romantic singer, a celebrity chef, even a famous bodybuilder just to name a few.  

One day the narrator asks him the question to end all questions, "Who are you really?' The frog answers that he is a superhero.  Why is that the reader asks?  Because in reality the frog is a dad and his kids love him dearly just as he is and for who he is.....their dad.  They want him to come home because they miss their daddy greatly.  The sweet, tender message of the story is that the kid's love their father no matter what he morphs into because underneath all those multiple personalities is very same heart, the heart of their  beloved.  That is unconditional love at its finest!  

The illustrations are so crisp and clean, witty and humorous, which will engage readers of all ages into the story.  Using colourful, large images on a white background makes the illustrations look almost 3D.  They are very impressive indeed. The simple, short sentences are perfect for beginning readers. The book oozes with creativity and imagination and has a wonderful positive message for the reader...being you wins hands down.   I highly recommend this book. 

About the author...

Scott Gordon is the author of over 100 children's books, including My Little Pet Dragon, My Crazy Pet Frog, Pigtastic, A Little Book About you and If I Were A Robot. He is currently hard at work on multiple projects:  Secret Agent Disco Dancer, Braedyn Bunny and the Missing Eggs, Baby Bee, Aveline & the Gret Pumpkin Patch and more!

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