Thursday, March 24, 2016

Coach Bob and Me - a bookwrap


Authored by Catherine Gibson

Illustrated by Janice Hechter

Ages:  9-11

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations for you....

About the book...

   Stefan finds himself on the outs at his school.  He is not strong, popular, nor athletic.  The jocks at the school laugh at him and bully him.  His one solace is Coach Bob.  Coach Bob is wheelchair-bound and extremely liked by all the students.  The wise coach takes it upon himself to befriend Stefan, include him at his lunchroom table and shares his own life's journey tragedy with him. His personal story teaches Stefan that he has value and worth and he too can make a touchdown in his life.  Coach Bob takes time to invest in Stefan, building up his confidence and self-worth, even inviting him to play on the school football team. 

   It is a heartwarming story that is based on real life people which makes it an extra special read indeed.  It is encouraging and inspiring to know that there are quality people in the world, like Coach Bob, that are willing to mentor hurting students and literally change their lives forever.  It is a perfect book to open up dialogue about feelings, choices you make in life, and the consequences of those choices.  I highly recommend this book. 

About the author...

Catherine Gibson is a Connecticut native that lives in Connecticut. She has taught dance from early adulthood. She is the mother of two wonderful sons. Once her sons were in middle school, she decided to take sign language classes at night, at the American School for the Deaf, in West Hartford, Connecticut.

"I always thought that sign language was beautiful and a form of dance. Once I found out that the school had children that wanted to learn to dance, I decided to volunteer my time and teach them through sign language and body movements."
One day, as I arrived early to meet up with the children in the cafeteria, I saw the look of excitement on their faces as they saw me standing at the doorway. They got so excited! I couldn't believe it. 
The children started banging on the tables and kept signing-- Dance teacher Cathy! Dance teacher Cathy!!! That was one of my bright moments in life!"

It was at that time that Cathy realized she wanted to help be a voice for deaf children.
Cathy's belief is that all children should be encouraged to do what what they love, and to strive to be happy.
She started a foundation called, "For Children With Love." A portion of the proceeds from each book sold goes towards children's causes.

"Doing what I love brought me happiness while helping others at the same time."

About the illustrator...

Janice Hechter immerses herself in the art of illustration. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she enjoys guiding students through the distinguished process of illustrating children’s books.
Hechter has worked as a full-time staff illustrator and graphic designer for government agencies and in the private sector, where she designed and produced artwork for posters, brochures, and logos.
As a fine arts painter, Hechter has seen her works exhibited at many galleries and on the covers of newspapers. Her paintings have been featured in periodicals such as Art New England, and the books she has illustrated have been featured in several museums, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.
Hechter is the illustrator of three other books, including Hooray for Heroes!, the winner of the National Best Book Award and the San Francisco Book Festival Award. She resides in her hometown of Farmington, Connecticut, with her husband and daughter.

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