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Easter is Cancelled - a bookwrap

Happy Easter weekend everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful break and lots of quality family time together.  May your Easter baskets be overflowing with bright colourful eggs, assorted candies and yummy chocolate bunnies.  Storywraps wishes you the best celebration yet.... go head.... indulge and enjoy and read to your little bunnies!  

Unwrapping some of the author's quotes for you...


 Authored and illustrated by Sally Huss

Unwrapping some of her amazing illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

Easter Bunny is cancelling Easter.  Why should he bother?  He works his tail off and for what?  Nobody cares!  Nobody thanks him or appreciates him!  He's just going to lie on his hammock and make it disappear...that will teach them for ignoring him and not giving him the accolades that he so rightly deserves... so there kids take that! No treats for you this year! 

But wait?  What about the chickens that are laying eggs, the kittens who are dyeing those eggs, the dogs who are busy making chocolate candy, the ducks who are madly wrapping up candy to make it look dandy, the pigs who are hard at work digging up grass to line the baskets and the geese and swans who are struggling to make Easter baskets out of dried palm fronds?  Don't they count?  What about their feelings? They can't possibly pull Easter off without the commitment and magical speed of the Easter Bunny. Oh my! How does one solve a huge problem such as this?  

When the animals find out why he cancels Easter they seek help from the wise and thoughtful owl who solves the problem easy-peasy. They apply his wise advice and voilà,  the Easter Bunny snaps out of his depression, jumps out of his hammock, gets uber busy with his work and Easter is on once again! Yes!!! You go Easter Bunny! 

The moral of the story?   Always appreciate the efforts of others and be sure to let them know how you feel.  Words of adoration are always much better received wrapped in a big, warm, squishy hug to seal the deal!  

The illustrations are colourful, full of activity and emotion. This fun book is written in rhyme and the both the text and the illustrations flow freely from page to page.  Check it out today.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author/illustrator...

Solana Beach author Sally Huss uses her gift of writing and illustrating to help inspire people to pursue lives filled with happiness and good values. An author, artist, and seasoned tennis pro, Sally is an example of what extraordinary things can be accomplished if you combine passion and hard work.
By the time she graduated from USC with a degree in Fine Arts, Sally had already become a tennis champion, having won the Wimbledon and U.S. Junior titles. She then went on to be a semifinalist in the Wimbledon Women’s Division. Sally ultimately opened a renowned tennis facility and health spa in Aspen with her husband, before building a line of 26 art galleries across the country to feature her own art, writings, and products. When the economy fell, Sally’s retail galleries went online – which allowed her to focus on her children’s books.
Sally’s line of highly-acclaimed children’s books currently consists of 45 light and whimsical stories that help subtly plant the seeds of kindess, sharing, and helpfulness. “My motivation for writing children’s books is that young children, I believe, need some help to establish good values and ways to develop emotional and social skills that will serve them well throughout their lives,” shared Sally. Sally’s collection of children’s books is constantly growing, always featuring new lessons to help children live in a happy, healthy manner. In addition to her books for children, Sally has written eight books for adults, including Eight Golden Rules for How to Play Your Best Tennis and The Importance of Living Happy. For more information on Sally and her work visit

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