Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Place to Call Home - Toby's Tale - a bookwrap


Authored by G.A. Whitmore

About the book...

I truly loved this book.  I could not stop reading it and several times it brought tears to my eyes.  "A Place to Call Home" is the moving story of a rescue dog and his search for a family that truly loves him unconditionally.  

Toby, a German shepherd puppy, starts out in an obscure little farm in California with his mother and siblings.  His life is happy until one day he and his sister Tara are taken away because their fur is pure white and the owner thinks they are of no value and cannot be homed.  The man does not want to keep them, so rather than being stuck with the two he decides it best that they be discarded.  The two wee puppies are put into a box and taken off to be eliminated or so the breeder thinks.  Kudos to his kind wife and an understanding, tender-hearted  farmhand who devise a safe escape plan for them.  

Through a series of events Toby finds himself a home which he thinks will be his forever home.  The family who adopts him turns out to be less than loving and Toby finds himself being abused by the drunken adult male who lives there.  Frightened for his life he's on the move once again not knowing where he will end up. He is full of fear, sorrow, and misgivings and unable to heal or rescue himself.  

Toby's struggles to come to terms with his life: his deep-seated grief at the loss of his sister (unfortunately she died), his inability to trust humans because he may be hurt or abuse by them again, his fear of never finding a family or home where he feels protected and cherished and even if he can trust the animals that he encounters along his journey.  

Love is a powerful motivator and healer.  Luckily Toby is encouraged to open up his heart and to love once again and in so doing his life is changed for ever.  

This heartwarming and inspiring story will have you engaged from the very first paragraph.  It is based on a true story. The author herself rescued an abused dog from the Connecticut Humane Society and brought the dog home to be cared for and loved.  This compelling story is perfect for young adult readers and especially for dog lovers no matter what their age.  I highly, highly recommend this book and so look forward to the next one in the series.  

About the author...

Ms. Whitmore’s passion for writing and her love of dogs come together in her series The Rescue Dog Tales. 

The first book in the series, A Place to Call Home is based on the true story of Toby, an abused dog she adopted from the Connecticut Humane Society.

Ms. Whitmore currently lives in Connecticut with her rescue dog Kadee. Her loving dog Zeus, in the photo to the left and on the cover of A Place to Call Home, recently crossed the rainbow bridge after a valiant battle with cancer and is now romping freely in doggie heaven with Toby.

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