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Bubble Wrap CD - a musicwrap

Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies

with special guests Keith and Ezra of Trout Fishing In America
Mister G.
Ken Nesbitt
Roger Day 


Bubble Wrap

Ages 7-11
Release date:  June 10, 2016
(iTunes/CD pre-orders available May 24)

Run time:  43 minutes

Available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and 
erichermanmusic. com 

Unwrapping the buzz...

"Brimming with pop-rock ditties crafted to make kids giggle." 
- Parenting Magazine

"Herman's humorous and heartfelt songs are fueled by keen observations of childhood, the knowing point of view of a parent, and a sense of kid-pleasing fun." 
-Parents' Choice Awards

"A Mixture of Shel Silverstein and the Beatles."  
-Stefan Sheperd, Zooglobble

Unwrapping the music bubble...

Eric Herman's music videos have received over 50 million views on YouTube; his body of work includes seven award-winning albums plus an award-winning CD.  On June 10th Bubble Wrap will be released  and Eric Herman will be skyrocketed into the pantheon of today's kindie music luminaries.

Bubble Wrap songs portray - obsession with bubble wrap and cell phones, bath time avoidance, oh no it's not Monday blues and time for school is it?, a best friend moving away, and even the death of a parent, just to name a few.  

Unfortunately Eric's beloved wife Roseann's extended illness and death caused him much sorrow and grief during the time of production.  Bubble Wrap came together in just over a year giving Herman added excitement with new ideas and creativity.  

"His wife, longtime co-producer, and co-writer, died during the creation of the CD.  The song "Okay" was being written in the days before she died and finished the day after, and the recording includes the couple's daughters, Becca and Evee, in the outro.  "Okay", sung from the perspective of a child whose parent is ill or dying, holds deep resonance with Eric's family.  The indomitable nature of the human spirit also plays a role in the album's closing song, "Hello."

Songs are diverse and vibrant. They feature upbeat rock, Latin-influenced, reggae and folky flavours. Something for everyone musical taste.Young and old will be enthralled.

Eric Herman's songs and videos have ben featured nationally on PBS Kids, Sirius XM, Fox & Friends, The Today Show, and in the Warner Bros. film, Life As We Know It.  A version of "The Elephant Song" was even covered for a multi-platinum release by Brazilian superstar, Xuxa.  What a very impressive resume.

Bubble Wrap Track List

Bubble Wrap
You Are What You Eat
Sunflower Seeds
Where's Saturday?
What I Want
Everybody's Watching
Fun Times
Take a Bath
I Wanna Be That Guy

About Eric Herman...

Eric is a resident of the Pacific Northwest.  He has performed extensively throughout the USA and has presented more than 1,500 concerts and elementary school assemble programs since beginning his family music career in 2003.  His performances are bursting with comedy, audience participation, outrageously fun songs, and a spontaneous sense of creativity.  Everyone, young and old, love his shows.  He has been honoured with many awards for his brilliant talent.  

Find out more about him on:  

 ** Music

This CD will keep you hoppin' and a - poppin' and no way a - stoppin' .  Go ahead.... pop your gloomy bubble... unleash yourself and get happy!  Freedom at last!  

It's a wrap!! A Bubble Wrap!!

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It's a wrap.

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