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Expanzaramadingdong - a bookwrap

No way am I beating the eggs
They never hurt anyone.
Pounding cake is out of the question
What could they ever have done?

Welcome to Expanzaramadingdong, a phrase to say when things just don’t make sense.

Jason Steinberg’s collection of poems will open up a world to children that gives insight to many of life’s wonders, such as growing old, being a tattletale and how to avoid being a failure. A world where you don’t have to be royalty to be treated like a queen, a world where you learn the dangers of being a fly on the wall, and a world where the Fountain of Youth really does exist. Jason Steinberg’s fun and imaginative storytelling will provoke your mind, touch your soul and make you smile.


Written by Jason Steinberg
Illustrated by Keith Klein

Expanzaramadingdong received the Gold medal at the 2015 Moonbeam Awards for children's poetry.

Book buzz...

"It's the best children's book my family has ever read!"
-Leeza Baraz

"Fun characters, witty poems with interesting twists and great moral lessons combine with lively illustrations to create a perfect book of children's poetry."
-Eli Stein

"Children and adults alike will be both entertained and inspired by Jason Sternberg's wonderful words."
- Jeff Runyan

Unwrapping some samples...

About the book...

In this hard-cover book of one hundred poems replete with black and white illustrations by artist Keith Klein, Steinberg addresses a number of worrisome issues that not only shed a little light on the complications of life but also open up dialogue between children and their parents.
Growing old. Being a tattletale. Managing greed and anger. Coping with fear. Finding yourself. Paying attention to that inner voice. Saying – or never saying – goodbye. Each fun, imaginative, and sometimes silly poem contains a takeaway that encourages perspective, good humor, and communication.

The poem titled “Perfect” contains these lines:

She is perfectly awkward when she walks
She has the sweetest lisp when she talks.
Her left eye is slightly bigger than her right
She has the most adorable overbite.
She has dimples but only on one cheek
When she laughs too hard she starts to squeak.
My heart melts by her crooked grin
She has the cutest birthmark on her chin.
I love every freckle and every flaw
She is the prettiest girl I ever saw.
She is everything I dreamed my love to be
Her imperfections are so perfect to me.

Critics have been touting Jason Steinberg as the modern day Shel Silverstein for his award-winning book of children’s poetry with the tongue-twisting title Expanzaramadingdong.  Steinberg, a three-time Emmy-nominated television editor/producer, comments, “My poetry is fun, but it’s also a great parenting tool because it gets boys and girls to open up and discuss some of the sensitive issues 
they encounter growing up.”

About the author...

Jason Steinberg writes poetry and music. He is also a television producer and editor who has been nominated for three Emmy Awards. Some of his credits include Shark Tank, The Bachelor, The Apprentice, and The X Factor. He is also the co-executive producer of NBC’s hit television show The Biggest Loser. Most importantly, he loves to laugh, play, and be silly with his girls.

About the illustrator...

For the last couple of years, Keith Klein has been creating children’s book illustration, for first-time authors, because they combine his love of character design and story telling through images.
Keith’s distinctly unique and simplistically offbeat style is the perfect fit for those authors and publishers who are looking for an illustrator for their non-traditional, quirky and, possibly even slightly darker themed children’s book. Keith’s past work is no indication of the work he can do… which is limitless, both in style and execution. A master of traditional and digital art mediums, he can achieve whatever look or feeling the author is going for with expert results.
With so many children’s books being published each year, the need to create unique, eye-catching imagery cannot be overstated. An author searching for an illustrator for their book needs to realize that the artwork is what is going to attract people to your book before a single word is read. Keith looks for projects that he feels his contribution will add both to the book’s success and expand his own (already) diverse body of work.

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