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It's Raining Cats and Dogs! - a musicwrap

Where in the world did that phrase originate?  

The most common explanation is:  In olden times, homes had thatched roofs in which domestic animals such as cats and dogs would like to hide.  In heavy rain, the animals would either be washed out of the thatch, or rapidly abandon it for better shelter, so it would seem to be raining cats and dogs.  (FYI)


It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

Sing-Along Animal Songs

A new book-CD features ten original songs performed by Al Simmons, Connie Kaldor, Jessica Vigneault, Pau Campagne, and more; illustrations by Marie-Eve Tremblay

Available on June 17, 2016 from the Secret Mountain

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations...

About the book-CD

Kid's are great animals lovers so it just flows naturally that they would love a whole load of songs about these fascinating critters.  Turn the music on, turn the tunes up and and let the kids be entertained with ten toe-tapping, hand-clapping, unforgettable songs by top-notch singer-songwriters.  

I am so happy to introduce this excellent combo to you.  It's a celebration of friendship, the blues, unrequited love, over-the-moon love for a zany dad, and a lullaby for a beloved dog, just to name a few.  It is intended for ages 3-5 and running time is 28 minutes.  

The illustrations drive the music and vice-versa.  They are playful, whimsical, and ever so kid-friendly.  It is a winner for sure.  I highly recommend it. 

Unwrapping the track listing for you...

Holy Cow! -  Al Simmons
How I Love Them all! - Michelle Campagne
The Musical Cat - Geneviève Toupin
Twelve Kittens - Thomas Hellman and Emilie Clepper
Three Little Mice Marched Merrily  - Paul Campagne
Papa's Quiet Rascals - Glen Bowser
I Love That Dog - Connie Kaldor
Thelma the Cow and Bozo the Dog - Connie Kaldor
A Hunter Through and Through (Sir's Song) - Jessica Vigneault
Lullaby for My Sleepy Dog - Annick Brémault 

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About the illustrator...

Marie-Eve Tremblay, a graduate in graphic design from the University of Montreal, has illustrated articles for several magazines.  She has also collaborated with authors on half-dozen children's books, including the series "Questions and Answers About..." (Osborne Publishing).  She lives in Montreal.

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