Friday, May 27, 2016

The Adventures of the Parlsey Family and the Dancing Snails - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some Snail humour... (yes it exists)

Unwrapping today's featured book...

"The Adventures of the Parlsey Family and the Dancing 

Created by Michael Read 

Unwrapping some cute illustrations...

About the book...

The Parsley family is a typical family, doing typical things in their lives.  Or are they?  They have a garden and in that garden live snails.  Trixie, their 9-year-old daughter decides to make friends of these little creatures and that's when the fun begins. 

She becomes the shepherd - of - the snails or as she is referred to in the book...  the "Snail Guardian." She expands the snails minds and experiences by taking them on adventures that are very thrilling... if you are a snail.  

They are introduced to other snail cultures in their gardenhood. They sample new foods served up picnic-style, show off their new dance moves and learn to celebrate life together!  

This collection of short stories will change your perspective on the sluggish, slimy little creatures and have you out in your garden training to be a Snail Guardian too because who knows what your snails are up to!

 Here is a quote from the book to make you smile and give you a flavour of the stories: 


The Essex Snails live in the Parlsey Family house garden.  They have a  'Dance Arena'.

The Norfolk Snails live in the garden next door accessed under the joining fence.  They look after their allotment.

The Beach Snails live in the garden behind the Parlsey home which is a Funeral Director business.  They flew in via a coffin from the USA.  It is accessed by 'Trixie's' Tunnel through the garden wall.  They are musicians. " 

With a cast of characters like the above that are so adorable and diversified I know that you will love this book just as I did.  

About the author...

Michael Read, 68, wrote 'The Adventures of the Parsley Family and the Dancing Snails' is a collection of short stories following Trixie, a 9-year-old girl, who befriends a group of snails in her garden.
The retired head teacher of Teversham Primary School said: "I've got three granddaughters, they live quite an interesting life so I wrote some stories to entertain them. When I wrote the first series the first person to read it was my wife, she never laughs about books.
"She laughed her head off - I thought I might be on to something."

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