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Whose Story Is This, Anyway? - a bookwrap


"Whose Story Is This, Anyway"

Authored by Mike Flaherty and Illustrated by Orial Vidal

Ages 4-7

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations...

Presenting some adorable images of the narrator of the story. You gotta love him.  Dramatic isn't he? 

Here is some more visual content that you will just love I am sure.

About the book...

The narrator of this book, a little boy with his cat he named  Emperor Falafel, is all set to tell his story... an "all about ME" tale.  He takes his loveable cat down to the beach where he enters into storytelling mode and is about to begin when he is ever so rudely interrupted by some very unseemly characters who want to silence him and tell THEIR stories.  Oh my!  He is confronted by a pirate who wants to spin his yarn about mermaids and giant creatures from the briny deep, a ravenous dinosaur who wants to order up hot dogs, tacos and pizza, an alien named Yurxl preparing for an intergalactic conquest, and lastly, a dashing knight who wants to tell a tale of "gallant knights, foul dragon, and fair maidens!' No way he he thinks, this is my story!

Totally frustrated with all the interventions the boy loses his cool.  He in no certain terms tells them that they will have to get lost because this story is about HIM and HIM ALONE!  The boy orders them all to "GET OUT!" 

 He starts spouting his story once again and realizes his story may not be so interesting after all.  What's that he sees?  He detects a yawn from his reader... oh noooooo!!  Maybe HIS story lacks luster and excitement... maybe his story truly is boring!  

Recognizing that maybe he made a mistake by sending the other characters away he makes an executive decision to call them all back and include them in his story.  Good choice you think?

"So this is a story about me... and the day I met a bunch of crazy new friends."

The story is told with a great sense of humour and wit.  The illustrations work perfectly with the text.  The voice and mood of the boy and his interaction with his interrupters are spot on.  Stories work best when others are involved in the making.  Working together can be rewarding and the author sums it up the best:

"Everyone has a tale to tell, but if they can all get on the same page, this might turnout to be the best story ever!"  Yes!!  

I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Mike Flaherty is an author and occasional hockey coach trying to keep up with his two kids and rather voracious cats. His secret lair is hidden somewhere in New Albany, OH, and he would be the world’s greatest super-villain if he could figure out how to get his Doomsday Device working. Until then, he’ll just keep writing stories.

About the illustrator...

Oriol Vidal is an illustrator and storyboard artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He graduated from UB Barcelona with a degree in Fine Arts. Including illustrating books and magazines, Oriol has worked in animation where he developed character designs and storyboards for clients in the US, France, UK, South Korea, and Spain. He happily works and lives with his little daughter, his wife, his cat, and his rowdy budgie.

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