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Baby Bear's Not Hibernating - a bookwrap

The Black Bear

In the summer, fall, and spring
the black bear sports and has his fling,
but winter sends him straight indoors and there he 
snores... and snores... and snores.


Big paws,

Big black nose,

Stubby tail,

And growl he goes.

What is he?

Well, who knows?

He sleeps all winter

When it snows.


Authored by Lynn Plourde and illustrated by Teri Weidner

Ages 3-6

 Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

The illustrations are soft, subdued and beautifully created.  They add so much to the text and baby bear is such an adorable creature that you fall in love with him immediately.

About the book...

Any minute now the snow will start falling, winter will settle in and all good little bears will be tucked in their cozy caves snoring away until spring.  That is all little bears except this particular baby black bear.  He decides to skip the sleep and hang out and play with his friends.  Who wants to hunker down and miss out on all the adventures that they are having?  No way... a  fun and frolicking winter it will be.

His concerned dad keeps a watchful eye on his cub.   Dad prepares himself for an intervention, enabling him to retrieve his inexperienced little rogue son, and bring him back home safe and sound. 

Baby bear after polling his friends and finding our their winter customs isn't too impressed, but non-the-less he pursues his dream of a sleepless season.  The snow presses in and little bear just cannot keep his dream awake... he caves... and with the help of his caring friends and his beloved dad he is ushered back to his den where he snuggles down in between his parents... and the trio contentedly snore away!

I love the fact that his dad let him discover the error of his ways on his own but is baby bear's safety net every step of the way.  The book highlights diverse friendships and how they all rally together to rescue the little cub and keep him from harm.  I highly recommend this book.  

About the author...

Lynn Plourde is the author of more than 30 children's books, mostly picture books, but also a graphic novel and a middle grade novel. She's a teaching author who has done hundreds of visits to schools where she shares her books interactively, acts some out as plays, and teaches writing mini-lessons to students. Lynn is a native Mainer who frequently uses her home state for inspiration when writing. She currently lives in Winthrop, Maine, with her husband. You can learn more at her website:

About the illustrator...

During my childhood in Fairport, New York, I was always the kid hunched over my desk with a big mess of crayons. The apex of my artistic career came early, when at 9 years, I won both first and third prize in an Easter egg decorating contest judged by my classmates.

I spent four exciting years at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 1985. In 1989 I got my first big breaks – my first magazine work, for Cricket magazine, and my first book job, illustrating The Watching Game by Louise Borden (Scholastic), which was published by Scholastic in 1991.

Since then I have illustrated over a dozen children's books, both trade and educational. I have been thrilled to put pictures to words written by such wonderful authors as Jan Karon and Margaret Wise Brown.  I work in watercolor, colored pencil, and a little of whatever else happens to be on my desk at the time ... cat fur included.

I now live with my husband Chris Dahlen and our son Nicholas, as well as our cat Mr. Budd and several fish, all of whom have served as models at one point or another. We all fit in a blue house in lovely Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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