Friday, June 17, 2016

Yours Sincerely, Giraffe - a bookwrap

Introducing a fabulous book today originating from Japan.  I loved it right away with all the interesting aspects that the talented author tucked inside.  Your young reader will be enthralled.  


Authored by Megumi Iwasa

Illustrated by Jun Takabatake

Ages 6-8

Unwrapping some adorable illustrations...

About the book...

"This book is much loved by children in Japan and a "stayer" -  it remains popular after many years.  The letters between Giraffe and Penguin are full of comedy."    -Julia Marshall, Publisher

This book is a bestseller in its native Japan and now is in it's 12th printing with rights sold in seven languages.  It is a funny, absurd story about misunderstanding.  The illustrations are line drawings on each page and even include handwritten letters.  The illustrations by one of Japan's best-loved illustrators bring the text to life.  

Giraffe who lives in Africa is very bored, each day being the same as the next. (Yawn)  He longs for an extra special friend to share his feelings with to ease that boredom. (Smile)

One afternoon while munching on leaves a sign catches his attention announcing a new mail service...willing to deliver anything anywhere.  It is signed "bored pelican."  The lightbulb flashes on and giraffe pens a letter and contracts pelican to fly off beyond the horizon and give the letter to the first animal that he meets on the other side.  Adventure on.... (Oh boy, oh boy!)

Pelican connects him to Penguin and voilà a new penpal friendship is formed.  Giraffe doesn't have a clue about penguins so his letters are filled with curiosity and questions about his new found friend.  The back and forth banter via correspondence is amusing to say the least creating a funny tale of mistaken assumptions and friendship. 

It's hard to imagine someone you've never seen... 

Penguin answers Giraffe's queries to the best of his knowledge and the very best part of the whole story is when the duo actually meet face to face at long last for the first time.  It truly is a fun book to share.  I highly, highly recommend that you add this to your collection.  

About the author..

Megumi Iwasa was born in 1958. She studied graphic design at Tama Art University in Tokyo. After graduating, she worked there until 1986. She lives in Tokyo, Japan.

About the illustrator...

Jun Takabatake is one of Japan’s best-loved children’s book illustrators. He was born in the Aichi Prefecture in 1948. His illustrations have been exhibited throughout the world, and he has won many major international awards.

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