Friday, July 22, 2016

Grumpy Cat's: All About Miserable Me - a bookwrap

Grumpy Cat is an amazing sensation that I am sure everyone has bumped into at one place or another.  This unimpressed, cynical, sometimes rude grouchy-looking cat has a negative opinion on everything.  If you are not familiar with him just Google, "Grumpy Cat" and see what pops up.  Today's book is a running dialogue with one such crabby (although inspirational) cat... Enjoy!


Grumpy Cat's

All About Miserable 

~ me ~

A Doodle journey for everything awful

Created by Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth

Unwrapping some content...

About the book...

This fun interactive book is the cat's meow for summer reading and creating.  If your child likes to draw, then Grumpy Cat will be the coach and "cat"alyst to make that happen.  Each page presents an opportunity to draw or doodle a personal masterpiece that relates to Mr. Contankerous.  

This book ignites imaginations.  The cat's suggestions of what to draw will bring lots of smiles to the faces of future budding artists.  One of my favourite things is the way the author adds digital images to incite the thoughts of technology.  Kids take those images that were conjured up and use pens, pencils and a variety of  colours to draw them in the real world on paper, not digially, using a screen on an iPad, computer or iPhone.  Brilliant! The author  inserts puzzles (with answers at the end of the book, thank goodness) to further get those inquisitive brains perking. 

I know your child will delight in this book.  It is a perfect addition  to throw in when travelling in a car, bus, train or airplane.  A beach can be a nice destination too to express yourself.  All-in-all there is a challenge presented on every page resulting in loads of laughter as illustrations are shared.  

Go ahead.  Try to turn Grumpy Cat's frown into a smile as he checks out your responses to his demands.  I bet you can do it....yes you can!  

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