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What Color is a Kiss? - a bookwrap

Quotes about kissing...


Written and illustrated by Rocio Bonilla

Ages 2-6

Unwrapping some adorable illustrations...

About the book...

Monica loves to ride her bike like the wind, likes swallows, strawberry cake, listening to stories her mother tells her and watering the plants on her balcony,  but the thing she loves the very, very best is PAINTING!  

She paints red ladybugs, blue skies, yellow bananas (just to name a few) but guess what?  She has never painted a kiss. Mmmmm! What color is a kiss?  She tries to figure out the best color but to no avail.  For example she asks:

"Is a kiss white as snow?
Or bright as the moon and stars?   


But kisses are warm...
and snow is so cold!?"

"Yellow? I love the color of Sunflowers...
 and good ideas. Because good ideas are yellow, aren't they? 


Although kisses are sweet as honey...
I do NOT like BEES!!!"

Poor Monica cannot decide which is the correct color to dip her brush into to paint those kisses she so longs to create?  How can she find out the answer?  Can she Google and get the answer there?  I doubt it.  Will she just close her eyes and pick a random color, whatever colour the brush lands in leaving it to fate? No Monica is more clever than that.  Wise little Monica seeks council from the best kiss-giver ever... Mmmmmm?... wonder who that could be?

You will love the illustrations I know.  They are whimsical, cartoonish and witty.  Kids will be delighted with the humour sprinkled throughout and giggles will ensue.  I am sure kids will weigh in giving their own opinions as to what color they think a kiss should be.  It is a delightful tale that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.  I highly recommend this little gem of a book. What is color would you choose?

About the author...

I was born in Barcelona EN1970.

Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.

CAP in pedagogy.

Specific courses illustration with Ignasi Blanch and Roger Olmos.

I started my career through various disciplines such as painting, mural painting, photography, pedagogy and finally advertising, which kept me away from pencils for 12 years.

Motherhood was the factor that produced the definitive turning point in my career. I fascinated by the imaginary child, abandoned advertising and created "Once Upon a Time", a company dedicated to decorating children's spaces with hand-painted murals.

In 2010 I entered the publishing field. Since then, I have combined the illustration of children's albums with mural painting.

As an illustrator I have published several papers in journals such as furniture, Acosta't and Barca Kids, posters and near thirty books with different publishers.

As an author I have published three titles: "Face Bird," "The mountain of books highest in the world" and "? What color is a kiss" (Prize of the Ministry of Culture and Education to the best published books 2015) also illustrated by me, and translated for Canada, France, USA, Belgium, Taiwan and China.

I work mainly for children. My three children are my biggest critics and my biggest fans. I also earn the memory, especially the small. I like cooking, crochet teddy bears and listening to Billie Holliday. If an animal would be a parakeet. I never get tired of drawing.

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