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Zora And The Greyhounds - a bookwrap


Zora And The Greyhounds

Created by Mark A. J. Guilliatt

Uwrapping some illustrations to peek at...

About the book...

Zora is a curly haired rescue dog that can run like the wind.  Her owner Mark categorized her breed as "American Squirrel Hound" and she is so very proud of that predigree.  Unfortunately that breed does not exist, Mark just made it up.  In reality Zora is a mixed breed - Poodle, Cocker Spaniel and a dash of Pekingese. 

She lives with Mark and a her delightful, loyal, best friend Jackie who happens to be a purebred Yorkie Terrier.  

They love going to the dog park and to play with the variety of canines hanging out there.  It is at the park that they encounter Speedy, a retired greyhound racing dog.  Low and behold Zora can outrun him.  All the dogs witness the win and are awestruck by Zora's victory.  Zora expresses her deep love of running and asks Speedy how she can compete in dog racing.  Speedy says it's impossible as she has to be a purebred to do so. Innocent little Zora proclaims that she is a purebred... she's an "American Squirrel Hound". This brings much taunting and laughter, first from Speedy and then from the entire dog pack.  Humiliated and broken-hearted Zora returns home depressed and forlorn.

With encouragement from her loving friend Jackie, and support from Mark, she manages to climb out of her melancholy state, start believing in herself once again and sets a goal to race despite all the odds against her.

This is based on a true story. It teaches the reader the value of perseverance, friendship, brute determination, and self-confidence.  It truly is a story with heart:  Zora's heart to follow her dreams and never ever give up, Jackie's heart to be the best friend ever,  Mark's heart to adopt rescue dogs and give them a loving home and Speedy, who has a change of heart from ridiculing and shunning Zora to one filled full of acceptance and respect towards her.   

There are so many aspects of this story that are worthy of discussion and implementing into a child's life.  The illustrations are simply drawn and are full of action, detail and expression. The book consists of seven chapters and would be a perfect book for beginning readers who are transitioning from picture books into reading chapter books.  I love the positive inspiring message and I highly recommend it.  

About the author...

Mark A.J. Guilliatt lives in Omaha with his family and, of course, his real life dogs, Zora and Jackie.

When Mark isn’t occupied by the assignments of his daily life, he is inspired by his worldwide travels and adventures to explore his myriad curiosities and daydreams.

Some of these daydreams may even reveal Zora’s next big adventures, so please stay tuned to find out what Zora will be doing next.

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