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Ear Snacks - A musicwrap


Media Buzz...

"It's SO GOOD!... and so weird!" - Mindy Thomas, Sirius XM's Kids Place Live

"Like the great Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Ear Snacks works because it acknowledges that kids are, in fact intelligent by letting them lead the discussion on topics relevant to them.  And hey, you might just learn something yourself, too." - Steve Schiff, Fatherly

Meet Andrew and Polly, award-winning music makers and hosts of "Ear Snacks", a radical new podcast for kids.  Their new album is quirky, eclectic and fun ... embedded within ...  brisk brainy repartee.


"Ear Snacks: Songs from the Podcast"

Ages 3-7
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Run time: 38 minutes

Available at CD Baby, Amazon, and Andrew & Polly's website:

What's it all about...

The first season of the podcast - over seven hours of free content from children and their families - includes interviews with more than 60 kids and 35 adult experts along with an original score and a slew of genre-busting Andrew & Polly songs.  The duo presents a selection of music from the first season. The album of fourteen songs is expertly produced and both kids and adults will love it I am sure. 

Each of the first season's thirteen episodes is about something  eminently comprehensible and of interest to kids such as: Fruit!, Hats!, Boxes!, and Rain!, just to site a few, while also addressing issues of a universal nature.  Polly Hall says:

"The world around us is totally fascinating in both a micro and macro way," and the couple's enthusiasm for the ubiquitous youthful "why" is one they share with kids.

Enthuses Andrew Barkham, "The questions and answers kids have are delicious and nutritious food for thought - definitely for our songwriting!"

An explosion of musical creativity and originality,"Ear Snacks:  Songs from the Podcast" displays irrepressible energy in every track, decorated at strategic intervals by the voices of a few of the kids who've contributed to the podcast bringing the audience into the experience. 

Included is a 20-page "Snacktivity" booklet, jam-packed with creative activity ideas for kids based on the topics explored in the first season of the podcast making it an all-round winner in every aspect.  I highly recommend this album.

More about the artists...

Andrew & Polly started making music together as college undergraduates and, by now, have become a fixture on the L.A. music scene, in high demand for their sparkling music for films, TV, and commercials, with "grownup" music credits too numerous to mention, including a 2015 Emmy Nomination for Polly Hall.  On the  kid side of things, their production credits include dope jams like "Grapes" and songs for Sesame Studios and Nickelodeon's Wallykazam! as well as the score to the Nick digital series Welcome to the Wayne. Their music regularly charts on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live and their podcast, Ear Snacks, broadcasts monthly on the same channel.  The two co-founded and serve on the board of Kids Listen and tour nationally as well as locally around Los Angeles. Check out their performance highlights on their website,  They are the proud parents  of their two-year-old son, Izzy. 


'Ear Snacks: Songs from the Podcast' Track List

Dancing Pants
What is a Podcast?
Tiny Dino
Ear Snaaaaaacks!
Thank you for the Box
How Can You Tell If It's Going to Rain?
Everybody Hat Hat
I Wanna Be a Giraffe
Expo Line
Hey Hat
Thank You for the Podcast
Why is Fruit Fruit?


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