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The Fox Who Ate Books! - a bookwrap

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"The Fox Who Ate Books!"

Written and Illustrated by Franziska Biermann
Translated by Shelley Tanaka

Ages 4+

Unwrapping some illustrations to peek at...

About the book...

Mr. Fox loves book.  He loves them in a very untraditional way... he loves to EAT them with a sprinkle of salt and pepper to add extra zest and flavour.  He has a ravenous appetite and shoves three meals a day.  But he acknowledges that books are expensive and his hunger pains real so he cleverly looks around and stumbles upon a whole building full of books, stacked from floor to ceiling... THE LIBRARY.  All the books within are free so what more could a famished book-lover ask for?  Utopia!

"Yum, yum, thought Mr. Fox."

Every day after he is a regular visitor, sniffing the air within, smacking his chops as he browses the aisles and sheves, licking some pages and tucking the ones he finds most savoury into his tote bag to take home.  

After a while patrons begin to complain that the books are slimy, pages are nibbled and pages are missing.  The librarian links the complaints to one particular customer... Mr. Fox... and catches him red-handed doing his dastardly deeds.  She quickly banishes him forever from the premises telling him :

"You Book Chomper!  she shouted indignantly!
Get your snout out of our novels this instant!" ...

"That is an inappropriate use of reading material," she said curtly.  From now on, Mr. Fox, you are forbidden from entering the library."

Mr. Fox feels forlorn and heartbroken. He needs to eat? What is he to do?  He reverts to plan B.  He downgrades the quality of his intaketo eating furniture catalogues, fast-food flyers, free daily papers and even rummaging through recycling bins behind his house.  Oh my!  Because of his poor diet his fur loses its sheen and upsets his stomach badly.  

His dire state of affairs emboldens him to don a ski mask and do the unthinkable.  He becames a masked book thief!  Thievery comes with a price and Mr. Fox soon finds himself locked up tight,  deprived of books as part of his punishment. 

How can he turn his desperate situation around and come out on top... and come out of prison?  You will smile at what clever Mr. Fox conjures up to remedy his seemingly hopeless state of affairs and who helps him bring his brilliant plan to fruition.  Let's just say...  thereafter Mr. Fox can happily say, " Let the book buffet begin and please, please pass me the monogrammed salt and pepper!"

Introducing the author/illustrator...

Franziska Biermann, the youngest of three sisters, has lived in Hamburg, Germany, since she was six years old. She has always loved telling stories and illustrating them. She finds inspiration for creating something new in the mix of realism and fairy-tale motifs.

After finishing school, she wanted to become a teacher of German language and literature but ended up studying illustration instead. Though focused on illustration from the start of her career, she also enjoyed inventing stories. Her first publications appeared in a children’s magazine while she was still studying. Since then she has published many children’s books.
Franziska likes to use various media to tell her stories. Together with her husband, Nils, who is a musician and composer for movies, she has produced a picture book with an audio CD.
Franziska works in a studio together with several other artists. She plays tennis, likes cats, and has two children.

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