Wednesday, September 7, 2016

If A T.Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party - a bookwrap

All the invitations are sent for the big birthday bash.  All the guests have responded and arrived with their presents tucked under their arms.  The party is heating up and the fun is about to begin when a random LOUD knock occurs...  who could that possibly be? HHmmmm... I wonder who????


"If A T.Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party"

Authored by Jill Esbaum
Illustrated by Dasha Tolstikova

Ages 4-7

Unwrapping some great illustrations to peek at...

About the book...

Whose that knocking at the door on the very day, hour, and minute of a young boy's birthday party?  When the boy opens the door a HUGE surprise awaits him...  it's a bus-size T.Rex holding a present for the birthday boy.  What should the little guy do?  Mmmmmm???  Invite him in of course, the more the merrier and there's lots of "more" before him to behold.

On the T.Rex's entry the whole flavour of the party changes.  The T-Rex pops the bouncy castle, becomes angry when he can't blow out the candles on the cake, and breaks the piñata to bits.  Oh my!  

The T.Rex ROOOOAAARRS, and stomps and sends his friends away after throwing a tantrum.  Then he wants to play with all his lovely gifts.  (I don't think so mister no way!!!)  What does one do when you totally have run out of patience? 

"You'll order him to leave.  He'll stomp and pout and blubber.  But you won't care, because you'll. Have. Had.  Enough!"

Will the T.Rex leave quietly like he was ordered to do?  Will he get even more upset and angry and maybe even explode?  I think the ending will surprise you.... providing a happy ending to the tale for all!  

About the author...

Jill Esbaum grew up in small-town Iowa. Her summers were spent creating comic strips, getting kittens to follow her home, and playing Barbie beauty pageant with the neighbor girls (which her Barbie never won, since she had the unfortunate habit of tripping and falling during the swimsuit competition or trying to pull off a talent for which she was clearly unprepared). One of her favorite possessions was the mini flashlight that illuminated post-bedtime, undercover reading marathons with Nancy Drew.

She is a frequent school visitor and conference speaker. She teaches writing for children at the Whispering Woods Picture Book Writing Retreat and workshops around the country. She lives with her husband on a farm near Davenport, Iowa.

About the illustrator...

Dasha Tolstikova contributes her talent with large, brightly colored illustrations. Each page is filled with comical scenes from the events that occur at the party. The illustrations are those that young children will find familiar with the bouncy house, birthday gifts, and games that are typically played at a birthday party. And of course there are birthday balloons in bright colors. The t-rex is illustrated in a bright blue-green color and his size is well illustrated to fill each page. The party goers are engaging with their facial expressions as the t-rex romps around the party. The text also adds to the illustrations with large and sometimes colorful print.

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