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Striker, Slow Down! - a bookwrap

We've all been around them, or maybe we have one of our own, or maybe you were one yourself... that little kid that just can't keep still.  They have more energy than ten people put together.  They never stop exploring, moving or finding the next thing to do.  It seems to be built into their DNA to be a mover and a shaker.  Yep, we all can relate can't we?


"Striker, Slow Down!"
A calming book for children who are always on the go

Authored by Emma Hughes and Illustrated by John Smisson
Ages 3-6
PS-Grade 1

Unwrapping Illustrations for you...

About the book...

This charming book  features a little rambunctious kitty that just has to be on the move.  From the time his eyes open until they shut he is very, very busy.  

He dashes and rushes and never sits still.  His refrain is: I love being busy. I'm wild, I'm free!  His mama is forever telling him to slow down please and his daddy tells him he's got ants in his pants.  The only time the little guy rests his head is if he feels poorly, or is asleep in his bed ... O my!

One day while sprinting off to the park he falls down and bumps his head causing great concern to his parents.  They both realize it is definitely time for an intervention and they begin teaching him how to slow down and how to relax.  He and his Mama relax in the garden on big old lawn chairs and soak up some summer.  They chat about how he can breathe in slowly and empty his mind. If he needs a bit of calm he can find a quiet secluded spot and still himself inside and out by blocking the distractions that are everywhere in our world. 

Will Striker practice what Mama so lovingly is telling him?  Will he opt to relieve himself of his busyness and free his mind absorbing both peace and tranquillity?  I'm sure he will listen to her and start truly enjoying quiet time with himself.

This book is written in rhyme and is a wonderful way to get your little energized bunny to stop and smell the roses around him. The illustrations are vibrant, very colourful and expressive.   I know it is a book that you will not only find helpful (perhaps for you too) but very enjoyable to read together again and again. 

About the author/illustrator respectfully...

Emma Hughes is a trainee Ashtanga Yoga teacher and has practised yoga for some 20 years.  She is a volunteer mentor, working with vulnerable young people in her home city of Bath.

John Smisson is an artist, currently specializing in graphical illustrations for children.  John's roots are in Fine Art, but more recently has moved his focus to digital art and design.  

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