Monday, September 12, 2016

Eyeglasses are a Homerun- a bookwrap

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Unwrapping today's featured book...

"Eyeglasses are a HomeRun"

Authored by Barbara Lynn Potash - debut book

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About the book...

This book brings to light a very important element in the success of a child's life at school, in sports, and their overall quality of life.  

Matt, a young boy who loves baseball, experiences the world around him to be fuzzy and blurry.  He strikes out when he's up to bat several times and he misreads numbers that his teacher writes on the chalkboard which make his classmates laugh at his errors.  On the bus ride home he sits all by himself and finds that the signs outside the windows are hazy looking too, confirming to Matt that something is wrong with his eyesight. Concerned, he tells his mother about what's happening to him and she immediately sets up an appointment with Dr. Levy an optometrist or "eye doctor."

Dr. Levy gives him a thorough eye examination and discovers that yes indeed glasses are in order.  Poor Matt he knows he has to pose the question that is eating him most....can he wear glasses when he plays baseball? The kind doctor assures him that everything will be fine. 

He is sent to the "frame room" where optician Lorraine helps Matt select the proper glasses, size and shape, for him to purchase.

"Do they come with bubble gum or a shoelace?" asked Matt."
"I play baseball! he said anxiously."
"How will I keep my glasses on?"

Do you think there is a satisfactory solution to Matt's  eyeglasses dilemma?  Are there special glasses that sportsmen can use while participating in the active games that they love?   Oh my!

Matt's spectacles arrive the following week and when he puts them on he exclaims with glee...

"That's amazing? Everything's so clear!"

That Sunday Matt is up to bat, standing in position, and the ball is pitched to him... crack!  With his new set of sportman glasses Matt becomes a superhero and his teammates praise and cheer because he hits a homerun!!!

This book is not only a wonderful story to read but is educational as well.  Kids and parents need to know the importance of proper, professional eye care.  We are blessed to have access to the best doctors in the world.  Good eyesight is certainly key to your child's success in school, playing sports and life itself.  

About the author...

Barbara Potash is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She earned a BS degree in early childhood education from American University and has spent many years as an independent sales representative of eyewear for both children and adults.
After many years living in New Jersey, she moved to Florida and currently lives in a beautiful golfing community with her dog, Benny.
In her spare time, Barbara enjoys traveling, cooking, entertaining, playing golf, ballroom dancing, and spending time in her garden.
Eyeglasses Are a Home Run is her first book.

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