Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Open Mic Wednesday - Adults like kid's books too.....why?

Believe it or not many adults love to read kid's books too.  Some people accuse the older members in our society of having stunted emotional and intellectual development - meaning that a lot of people in our world just never grow up (oh my, that's me) and become ... well adults.  Sounds perfect to me, adulthood is not all it's cracked up to be.  

Lots of books targeted for kids and young adults often turn into multimillion franchises (like Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games).  They are clear examples and proof that our civilization is packed with eternal teenagers ... forever young ... and loving the kid's books just as much as the audience they are targeted for.  

Long live the young-at-heart sector!  May they read on and read always those brilliant kid's books that are so beautifully and wonderfully created for all ages. 


Many of the kid's books are very well written and the illustrations translate into art.  They are the perfect escape from a serious,  grown-up and hectic world.  Picture books are filled with  big, bold, colourful, happy images that draw you into the narrative letting you forget about your responsibilities and obligations for the moment.  They are a "happy alternative" to our adult world of worry, stress, obligatory bill payments, the barrage of negative news from all sources of the media, and our day-to-day  duties. Adults crave a venue where they can retreat and deal with simple realities, witty wordplays and positive scenarios that engage them in child-like (non-judgemental) dialogue and make them smile...yes...even laugh out loud and come away from the experience with a happy, uplifting feeling in their hearts. 

Many people who read Harry Potter as a child growing up are now adults now and through reading that series, and other popular ones like it, have become avid adult readers.  Pictures books, middle-grade books and young adult books are exactly the medicine you needs to take to ease the pain, pressure, and yes ... sometimes mundaneness, of everyday life.

If kids love their books why can't adults too?  Let's face it reading those bedtime stories to your child is a two-edged sword.  Both you and your child love the cuddling, the sharing and bonding that takes place around a good book.  You cannot deny that both of you feel a connection from reading contentedly together.  Memories of richly written kid's books such as Ann of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery or Chronicles of Naria by Clive Lewis, never lose their charm and that feeling of love towards those books lingers in your heart forever.  Quality books like these unpack excellent language, interesting, believable characters, and  imaginative adventures that take you to places in your mind that an actually make them believable too.  Adults need not be deprived of joining in these experiences just because somebody told you that you are too old to read those books.  Nonsense I cry.... go ahead and indulge to the max.

And the best part of all? When all is said and done ...  reading kid's books makes you feel young again ... just like a kid again.  These books refresh you and make you happy. We can reconnect with our youth once again, at least for the moment, while reading these books so go ahead and make your day. 

A little extreme behaviour but you get the picture.  Enjoy a great kid's book today (you super-intelligent person).  

The quote goes for adults too....just saying. 

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Read on and read always! 

It's a wrap.

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