Thursday, November 3, 2016

Miss You Like Crazy - a bookwrap


Authored by Pamela Hall 
Illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell
Ages:  3-6

Unwrapping some gorgeous illustrations for you...

The illustrations are soft, warm earth-tones and the characters are adorable with fluffy soft tails portraying love and a snuggly, rich environment.

About the book...

Walnut, an adorable little fluffy-tailed squirrel, suddenly experiences separation anxiety from his mom. He is sad and downhearted and doesn't want to go to school.  He will miss her so much and he can't bear to face the day without her. 

"I want to stay home," Walnut groaned.
" Don't you miss me all day?

Mom, who loves her little guy dearly, explains to him that she has to go to work to provide all the things he needs and loves and to make his life happy. 

" I go to work so I can pay rent on our den and buy you Nutty Clusters and Super Squirrel socks.  And I'm good at what I do. /Just like you are good at kickball and drawing."

 She cradles her little son on her lap and they imagine what a day spent together would be like and all the fun that they would have should they spend that quality time with each other.  She assures him that he is her top priority and he's on her mind and in her heart as she goes throughout her workday.  Mom shares with him that he is on her computer screen, she has a picture of him taped to one of her notebooks inside her briefcase, she adorns her desk top with beautiful framed photos of him, and best of all,  she has a miniature snapshot of him in a golden locket hanging around her neck close to her heart.

How can she equip her little one with tangible proof that they will be connected by invisible bonds of love throughout his day too?  This sweet charming story will warm your heart as you discover how this loving, creative mom assures her sensitive baby squirrel that she indeed is with him in spirit all through his days and always! 

  This would be a perfect book to give as a gift to working parents.   

About the author...

Miss You Like Crazy is Pamela Hall's most recent published book. She is also the author of Elemenopee and the Grammar's Slammin' series. She lives in Lakeland, MN. Jennifer A. Bell is a freelance children's illustrator. She lives in Minneapolis, MN.

About the illustrator...

Jennifer A. Bell is an artist. She illustrates  children’s picture books and creates designs for greeting cards. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design and worked for several years as a product designer before becoming a freelance illustrator. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and son.

Here are some of Jennifer’s favorite things:
1. Baked apples for breakfast
2. Crazy kitties
3. Antique teacups
4. Reading in bed
5. Drawing with pencils
6. Nieces and nephews

7. Chocolate covered pretzels – yum!

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